The police shot at a wanted car in Prague and arrested the driver

The police shot at a wanted car in Prague and arrested the driver

Police shot at a running wanted car in Prague, detained the driver

Police checks of drivers – illustrative photo.

Prague – This morning on Štěrboholská spojka, Prague policemen shot at a speeding wanted car, whose driver broke through their roadblock and threatened them. He did not respond to calls to stop, after the shooting he crashed into two other cars and the police detained him. They are now investigating the circumstances of the accident and why the detained foreigner ran away. Police spokesman Richard Hrdina told ČTK. According to him, no one was injured during the shooting.

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The spokesman said that the police received information in the morning hours that a car was driving along the Štěrboholská spojka in the direction of Černý Most, which is being investigated as stolen. They set up a roadblock, but the driver drove through it, ignoring calls to stop and attacked the police with his car. The police subsequently fired several shots at the car in the direction of the tires, the spokesman described the incident. He added that the car subsequently caused an accident, after which the police arrested the driver.

The arrested foreigner ended up at the police station.