The power of love: here is the voting LINK to support your favorite reality show participant

The power of love: here is the voting LINK to support your favorite reality show participant

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The power of love: here is the voting LINK to support your favorite reality show participant

In Turkey, land of iconic soap operas The Arabian Nights, Fatmagul and Family Love, has been developing one of the most interesting romantic reality shows so far this year: The Power of Love.

Eighteen participants of different nationalities entered to live eight hours a day, look for their soul mate and win a prize of 30,000 thousand dollars, all this with the support of the audience.

To protect your favorite and prevent it from being eliminated, here we explain how to vote in The Power of Love.

How to vote in The Power of Love?

The first step is to enter the official website of The Power of Love in Latin America: Once inside select your favorite participant. For your vote to be valid, the page will ask you to log in with your Google or Facebook account, and correctly complete the captcha, this will prevent fraudulent votes and your choice will be recorded.

What about the contestant with the most votes?

The mechanics of the reality show allow the contestant who gets the most votes during the week to ‘be protected’ and cannot be eliminated. In addition, you will get $ 2,000 and you will be able to leave the house alone or with someone.

Regarding who will be eliminated, this is determined by the contestants themselves, who select from among them which one will leave The Power of Love.

LINK for voting in The Power of Love

To vote in The Power of Love you must enter the following link:

Who are the participants of the reality show The Power of Love?

Who are the participants of the reality show The Power of Love?

María Emilia Cevallos Cuesta, known as Mare Cevallos, is an Ecuadorian actress, model, singer, and television presenter. Born in Guayaquil on September 10, 1993, she is currently 27 years old. In 2015, she became Miss Ecuador Supranational.

He rose to fame with his participation in the sixth and seventh seasons of Fight Ecuador, in 2017. Following this, the 24-year-old celebrity began her musical career with the Libra group with his ex-partner Carlos Lira.

  • Karoline Rodríguez (Colombia)

The fitness-style influencer gained notoriety by venturing into reality television Challenge from 2016 to 2018. Then he joined Warriors as part of the ‘cobras’ team. He currently maintains a YouTube channel with more than 99,500 subscribers.

  • Elizabeth Cader (El Salvador)

Margarita Elizabeth Cader Medina represented El Salvador in Miss International, reaching the Top 15, and in the Miss Top Model of the World. Along with her work as a model and influencer, she also stood out as a presenter of the sports program EsXNite by Tele1.

The model is a famous figure on Peruvian television. In 2017, he participated in the first season of the reality show El gran show. He also made his pininos in acting participating in the comedy film The guachiman (2011).

  • Jéssica Cristina Pérez (Puerto Rico)

The 26-year-old model is a rising star on Instagram, where she has 24,000 followers. Parallel to his career as an influencer, he studied Human Resources at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.

  • Andrea Nahir (Puerto Rico)

The young woman is a model and a dancer. She participated in the Miss Beauty International Carolina 2021 pageant that was held in March of this year.

She is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who became famous in 2020 performing urban themes. He resides in Veracruz, Mexico.

She is a presenter, announcer, and was part of the program A toda Máquina, where she showed off her talent and charisma.

His real name is Diego Álvarez, and he became known on the program Celebrity school in 2011. Recently, the model was part of I am the best of TC Television, from which he left to enroll in The Power of Love in Turkey.

  • Sebastián Tamayo (Colombia)

He is an actor, model and influencer. He was a member of the reality show Protagonistas de Nuestro TV in 2012. And six years later he was a contestant on the program Guerreros vs. The others.

  • Andrés Salvatierra (Bolivia)

26 years old, he has shown artistic gifts since he was a child and today he is an advertising model and inveterate user of social networks.

  • Renier Izquierdo (United States)

Representing the United States, Renier has vast experience in the world of entertainment programs, since in 2012 he was part of the program Falling in love USA.

He was a member of the program Calle 7 and participant in Esto es guerra de la América TV. He currently works as a pop singer.

A 26-year-old, the well-known reality boy from Esto es guerra y Combate released his first song titled “Ella” in 2020.

  • Jorge Alejandro (Puerto Rico)

He is passionate about beach volleyball and art, as described on Instagram. “This is not what they see on soap operas. I’m going to write this love story, “he says in a promotional video for The Power of Love.

  • Alejandro Royg (Paraguay)

The young model represents Paraguay in this new adventure in Turkey; however, there is very little information about his life on social media. Even his account on Instagram is private.

This actor was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. He came to Turkey to, according to him, “discover love.”

What is The Power of Love about?

The reality show The Power of Love is described as a new generation reality show based on love, in which nine men and nine women participate. They live in front of the cameras for eight hours every day. There is a Red Room where contestants can meet and experience romantic moments.

What prize will the winner of the reality show?

The winning couple will be able to win a prize of $ 15,000 each, in addition to leaving the house of The Power of Love with their better half.

The power of love surprised the contestants with new dynamic Blind

The 18 participants of The Power of Love experienced a new dynamic this Friday as part of the international reality show. The game consisted of the blindfolded girls having to discover the hands of the boy who decided to choose each one.

The power of love surprised the contestants with new dynamics. Photo: The Power of Love / Instagram

The winners were Mariela, Mare, Shirley, Elizabeth, Griss and Amor, who were awarded with a moment of relaxation in the pool. Mare and Andrés surprised by showing themselves apart from the group, she told the Bolivian some of the situations that bother her with respect to Sebastián and that she also felt vulnerable.

Carla Muñoz enters The Power of Love

After the dramatic departure of the Mexican Amor Carlín, the Turkish reality show The Power of Love brought the Colombian Carla Muñoz as a new participant.