The Prague Stock Exchange returned to its strongest level in a year

The Prague Stock Exchange returned to its strongest level in a year

The Prague Stock Exchange returned to its strongest level in a year

Prague Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange Palace – illustration photo.

Prague – The Prague Stock Exchange returned to its strongest level in almost a year. The PX index rose by 0.88 percent to 1410.37 points today. It was last higher on February 18 last year. The stock market was driven up by the growth of shares of the energy company ČEZ, which are the most expensive in about half a year. It follows from the results of trading on the exchange's website.

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The stock market reached its strongest values ​​since last February already last week, when the PX index was the highest since February 23, 2022. Then the stock market wiped out part of the gains by weakening on Friday, but this week it has been growing again since Monday.

The main role in today's strengthening was played by ČEZ securities, which today took part in the majority of the total volume of trades on the Prague Stock Exchange. At the same time, they also achieved the most significant growth of the main stock market issues, gaining 3.36 percent to 1,047 crowns. They thus reached the highest price since mid-August last year. “Rocket growth is driven by the fuel of a possible restructuring (of ČEZ), which is increasingly resonating in the airwaves,” Komerční banka analyst Bohumil Trampota commented on the strengthening of shares.

Today, most of the main issues of the Prague Stock Exchange closed trading in green numbers. In addition to ČEZ, the shares of solar power plant builder Photon Energy improved by 1.22 percent to 66.20 crowns, or the shares of Moneta Money Bank by 0.71 percent to 84.60 crowns. On the contrary, the weakening affected, for example, the securities of the pharmacy chain Pilulka, which lost 1.41 percent to 700 crowns.

The koruna strengthened, it continues to move close to its strongest level in 14 and a half years

The koruna today strengthened against both major world currencies. Against the euro, it improved by six pennies to 23.70 CZK/EUR. It continues to hover near its strongest level in 14 and a half years. Against the dollar, the Czech currency strengthened by nine pennies compared to Monday's close, at 5:00 p.m. according to the Patria Online server, it was at 22.07 CZK/USD.

Last Thursday, the koruna closed trading at a rate of 23.69 CZK/EUR, which was the best result since the end of July 2008. On Friday, it also reached 26.67 CZK/EUR during the day, which is the level to which she looked today too. In the end, however, it closed slightly weaker.

According to Purple Trading analyst Jaroslav Tupé, the koruna is under the influence of positive sentiment on the financial markets. “And it still benefits from its wide interest differential, which will keep the koruna at strong values ​​for some time without the need for intervention by the Czech National Bank,” he said. The Czech currency thus remains immune to domestic economic news.

The exchange rate of the Czech currency:

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Source: Patria Online