The promises are financed by savings of 838 million

Les promesses financées par des économies de 838 millions

Photo: Justin Tang, The canadian Press
François Legault, said to have been “very clear” with his government team: “no way it’s not going to affect services”. “It will not affect the services,” he reiterated in front of the television cameras.

The prime minister François Legault believes a “reasonable” savings of $ 838 million in a single year (2019-2020) without affecting the services to the population.

It is the realization of the election promises headlamps made by the candidates of the Coalition avenir Québec, such as the return to a rate of sole custody, the injection of $ 200 million in home care, the standardization of the rate of school tax to the province of Quebec. “These promises will be met,” said Mr. Legault on the sidelines of a meeting of the Council of ministers, in Gatineau, on Tuesday.

This is not the ministry where there is a promise that will have to fund all the promises that have been made in his ministry

— François Legault

The head of the government has repeated that he relied on the introduction of better procurement practices ($148 million) and an improvement of the management computer (53 million) of the share of ministries, as well as other “efficiency gains” to cover the cost of the promises made during the election campaign.


Mr. Legault has, however, failed to recall that the CAQ is committed last fall to conduct a “program evaluation” of the State to save $ 150 million, or attrition in the public administration to save 93 million, only in 2019-2020, in addition to asking State companies to increase the dividends they pay to the State to the tune of 100 million.

“This is not the ministry where there is a promise that will have to fund all the promises that have been made in his department. It is up to the ministries to which we asked, as we had said in the financial framework, to make efficiency gains, eliminate the bureaucracy, ” said Mr. Legault in an impromptu press. “We made some trade-offs “, he added about two months of the tabling of the Québec budget.

Protected Services

Mr. Legault said he was “very clear” with his government team : “no way it’s not going to affect services “. “It will not affect the services,” he reiterated in front of the television cameras.

The vice-prime minister, Genevieve Guilbault, is committed to “protect at all costs the services to the citizens” throughout this fiscal year. “We received actually each of us, in our departments, reduction targets… but, let’s call it adjustment expenses to be able to identify margins of manoeuvre to the inside of the envelopes that are already available. […] I have done this work like all my colleagues, ” she said. Ms. Guilbault has nevertheless kept to unveil the “modest” target for spending cuts scheduled for the department of public Safety at the end of the ” negotiations “, claiming it is ” private at this time “.

Considering that the ministry of the Family, “has given enough” during the years of the liberal, his colleague Mathieu Lacombe sees an opportunity to make efficiency gains by reducing the ” red tape “. He has invited his colleagues to stick together in order to put an end to the modulation rates according to the income of the parents of the early childhood centres (CPE) and private daycare subsidized. “Do you wait not to this that the ministry of the Family finances alone, the return to a single rate. It’s not like it’s going to work. It is a collective effort “, he insisted.

Secularism : Legault justifies the questions asked

The government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) collects data on the wearing of religious symbols in the public service to give harm to those who argue that the bill on secularism will result in job losses. “There are school boards and groups that say : “Oh, it’s going to be full of people who will lose their jobs”, so one asks : “Oh yeah ? Do you have the number ?” “presentation on Tuesday, prime minister François Legault. “We have not started to do a head count of those who wear religious signs “, he insisted in a media scrum in the margins of the meeting of its council of ministers, which was held in Gatineau. In the framework of the preparation of its draft law, the minister responsible for the file of secularism, Simon Jolin-Barrette, has requested statistics on this issue to the ministries of Justice, public Safety and Education. “It has been observed that the side of the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec, there are no police officers who wear religious signs, same thing for the judges,” he recounted at the end of the cabinet meeting caquiste. The school boards have reported that the information was not available. The minister Jolin-Barrette has argued that” from the time that these statistics do not exist, it ends there “.


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