The quota of US $ 200 is renewed: how to obtain the negative certification and thus know if you can buy in September

The quota of US $ 200 is renewed: how to obtain the negative certification and thus know if you can buy in September

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The quota of US $ 200 is renewed: how to obtain the negative certification and thus know if you can buy in September

A new month begins and with it the possibility of buying again is renewed the quota of US $ 200 of the so-called savings or solidarity dollar, those that are bought in the official market and include the PAIS tax of 30% and the one that retains 35% as an advance payment of income tax. For this last tribute, a refund can be requested, especially for those who give exempt from earnings.

In August, only two weeks before the elections, the solidarity dollar reached $ 170 for the first time, about 12 cents less than the blue which closed the month at $ 182, the same level that has been held for 10 days. And so the gap between the parallel and the wholesale dollar, which is trading at $ 97.72, remains wide at 86%.

The solidarity dollar opens the month at almost $ 170, and registers a 15% increase so far this year against more than 21% of “free” dollars, such as the Stock Market or MEP and cash with settlement.

That difference of 12 cents -between the dollar that is obtained in the so-called caves and the official one- added to the electoral proximity are the two variables that reactivate the interest in the ticket that the Government controls and the appetite goes beyond taxes. The data reinforces this premise, according to data from the Central Bank, in July there were 690,000 people, 56% more than in the previous month, who bought US $ 130 million in this way.

But beyond the increased interest in acquiring these currencies, access continues to maintain some restrictions, and even this month one more is added. To know whether or not one is authorized to buy in the market there is a negative certification.

The new restriction is aimed at monotributistas who for a few days can take out the credit at a 0% rate proposed by the Government to face the harsh post-pandemic situation.

Once they have accessed the benefit and until the total cancellation of the credit, The beneficiaries they will not be able to: access the Single Market and Free of Changes to carry out external asset formation operations; carry out sales in the country of securities in foreign currency or exchanges of securities for other foreign assets, or transfer them to foreign entities “, details the AFIP.

This impediment is added to the general ones that savers already know: they cannot buy dollars in the official market nor the beneficiaries of the $ 10,000 bond of the ANSeS Family Emergency Income (IFE), nor those who have ever received from 2020 until now part of the payment of wages through the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) and Productive Recovery Program 2 (Repro 2.

Who does not have access to the savings dollar

For those who want to buy savings dollars, they must certify that they are enabled through the ANSeS Negative Certification.

The negative certification is a receipt issued by the body directed by Fernanda Raverta and is valid for 30 days, where records are left that are not recorded:

  • Contributions as a worker under a dependency relationship;
  • Affidavits of provinces not adhered to SIPA (for both active and passive workers);
  • Transfers as Self-Employed and / or Monotributista and / or Workers of Private Houses;
  • Maternity Allowance Collection for Private Home Worker;
  • Collection of the Unemployment Benefit;
  • Collection of social programs.
  • Collection of the Universal Child Allowance;
  • Collection of the Pregnancy Allowance;
  • Collection of Progresar Scholarships;
  • Collection of pension benefits in force on the date of the request.
  • Social work.

In addition, this voucher shows whether or not the applicant is registered as a Social Monotributista informed by the Ministry of Social Development.

The negative Certification is a procedure that is carried out online and with that the applicant is enabled or not to access the official currency market

How to get the Negative Certification

Negative Certification

  • Enter the website of the Negative ANSeS certification
  • Click on “Enter the query”
  • Enter the CUIL and the desired period to analyze
  • The negative certification obtained through the Internet does not require authentication with the seal and signature of an ANSES agent.
  • The procedure has no cost