The resort Pennsylvania bear attacked a zoo worker

На курорте в Пенсильвании медведь атаковал работника зоопарка

Zoo worker injured from bear attack in the resort of Nemacolin Woodland Resort near Farmington, Pennsylvania.

The staff member were attacked by a Himalayan bear at the weekend. The representative of the resort said that the Minister was injured during a routine cleaning at the zoo. The bear clung to the hand of the worker, managed to stick his paw through the bars of the cage, attracted man to himself and bit.

The employee was standing between the two levels of wire fencing in the enclosure of the bear when the attack happened. The victim assisted on a place, and then he was taken to a local trauma center. His life no threat.

According to the administration, attacked the employee of bear lives in the zoo for 9 years. Is checking the incident.

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