The results of the year: What are the scandals in the world of stars remembered 2019

Who is of Ukrainian and world stars was in 2019 in the scandal, who from celebrities has accused colleagues of plagiarism and that most in the past year, angered the Network.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

The results of the year: What are the scandals in the world of stars remembered 2019

Coming to the end of 2019, which was rich not only on the positive news in the sphere of show-business and scandals. We invite you to remember what are the big “showdown“ arranged the stars in 2019, this published collection of comic and serious scandals, which were celebrities and famous brands in the current year.

  • Potocki Palace is desecrated underwear

Not long ago, the Network angered a new video of Kiev lingerie brand Zhilyova lingerie. The fact that the video filmed in Lviv Potocki Palace, which now belongs to the Lviv national gallery of art Boris Voznytsky. In the frame model in lingerie, suspenders and shoes dancing on the table, which is a Museum exhibit.

The shooting took place in “the Blue room“ Potocki Palace, where sometimes taking an international delegation. It provoked a scandal. The administration of the national gallery noted that often rents space for rent for filming and with the representatives of the brand Zhilyova lingerie was entered into a formal agreement. However, the model broke one of the points of the document when he danced at the Expo table. Many drew attention to the fact that the coloration of linen is adjusted to match the national flag – yellow and blue. Opinions of Internet users were divided – some of them said that I see nothing wrong this is called the scandal “trumped“.

  • Polyakova accused Loboda plagiarism

Ukrainian singer “superblondinka“ Olya Polyakova found in the clip of his colleague Svetlana Loboda “Instadry“ plagiarism on his video “Queen of the night“. About Polyakov wrote to Instagram, attaching “evidence“ singer made a collage of some shots, to show that in the clip Loboda appears in a similar outfit with the same hair and uses the same style.

After the “scandal“ gained speed in the Network, the producer Loboda noted that both singers use the clips style of the 1980s, the rights to which, alas, no, Olya Polyakova.

By the way, during the scandal music video “Queen of the night“ Polyakova scored a couple million views online.

  • LOBODA “stolen“ naked photos models

However, a “theft“ Svetlana Loboda did not stop. In summer, the artist has added to the social network a picture of a naked girl standing in a yoga pose on the head. Since the model in the picture posing with his back, and the hair color she’s plus-minus is the same as Svetlana – subscribers did the singer a lot of compliments and have put about 200 thousand likes. Later it turned out that the picture is not a Loboda, a yoga model with the nickname Nude_yogagirl, which accused Loboda in “stealing“ her photo by writing a long post in Instagram. She noted that the singer removes all comments, with mention of Nude_yogagirl and was amazed why Svetlana is needed this “assignment“:

I can’t understand why people with 5 million subscribers is stealing my photo and pretending to be me !! What is wrong with people? Why would you do that @lobodaofficial? And instead of admit what she did … She deletes comments that mention me and deletes my comments too. SEE my history! The artist’s work must be protected!, – was indignant the model.

Soon Loboda has removed the controversial pictures from her page.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • Ex-husband of Ani Lorak was accused of affair with “prostitute“

Singer Ani Lorak recently it is “scandalous“ popular in the Network, the followers are closely watching her affair with a young sound-producer Egor Gleb, and I suspect Lorak in common plastics. However, to the great scandal of discussion Lorak is not reached, can not be said about her ex-wife of Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian. In the summer it “caught“ in the novel – no less – with a prostitute. In the network appeared the information that the girl Murat arrived at the Spanish resort, has form at the website of escort services. In the Network appeared and the questionnaire itself is 23-year-old Samii Akhmetova, and in addition her very candid shots. Later she told the media that she is being blackmailed with the “fake photo“ and asked to leave her beloved alone.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • A row over a beauty contest in KPI

Suddenly this spring, caught in a scandal and one of the most popular higher educational establishments of Kyiv – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. I. Sikorskogo. “Sex scandal“ broke out because of the very explicit photos of female students, they were added to the Network in order to win in the competition of physico-mathematical faculty of “Miss FMF 2019“. The style of the images involves the demonstration in the photo exaggerated sexuality and “domination“, and simply images of BDSM. The Network broke the scandal users were outraged that the photos posted on the official pages in social networks, as well as critics questioned whether such “values“ that lay students.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • The scandal around the National selection for Eurovision 2019

One of the biggest scandals in Ukrainian showbiz broke out during the national selection for the international song contest Eurovision. The winner of the national selection is the singer MARUV that after negotiations with National broadcasting company (NSTU), refused to sign the agreement drawn up for the representatives of the country. Some provisions of the document MARUV called “bonded“ in particular, the singer refused to pass the NSTU copyright for song and artist “confused“ the point about the fine of 2 mln. for failure to comply with provisions of the agreement.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

MARUV did not sign the document, saying that he wants “to give your creativity without censorship“. Evil tongues it was rumored that the actress simply didn’t want to lose the tour in Russia, which have been celebrated in the framework of the same contract.

As a result, Ukraine was not represented this year at the Eurovision song contest, because when NSTU addressed the participants, who took second and third places in national selection – Freedom Jazz and KAZKA – actors refused to take the place of colleagues.

  • The scandalous statement ANNA MARIA about Crimea

Another scandal with the contenders for the participation in “Eurovision 2019“ – a duet of ANNA MARIA erupted after their interview Roman Skrypin. Anna and Maria opanasyuk did not recognize the annexation of Crimea.

Last week, we feel so much negativity. Discuss us not so much as our parents. We felt the 30-ies of the Soviet Union, when we were forced to abandon our parents. We made the choice, the parents did, but we can’t abandon the parents. If we were forced to choose between competition and parents, we would, like any normal person, chose parents. we are very sorry that people judge us not so much creative, how many headlines in the press. we hope that the jury and the audience will choose who do u have to represent Ukraine in the European competition. We love Ukraine! – with tears in his eyes told Anna and Maria.

Jamal, who was in the jury of the national selection and whose family also live in the Crimea, commented the statement of the girls:

How can you say in an interview that“ Crimea is our homeland “? There is only one answer to this question:“ Crimea is Ukraine!

After a controversial participation in the national selection – the Duo performed at the “New wave“ in Sochi as representatives from Ukraine – in a Network it caused a wave of indignation.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • In Ukraine cancelled the concerts of the Russian group “vorovayki“

The Russian group “vorovayki“ announced performances in the cities of Ukraine: Odessa – February 9, the river – February 12 and Nikolaev on February 14. It is worth noting that the orchestra in his work, supports Russian aggression against Ukraine. Because of this, the Network has a scandal.

In Kiev, the location for “Borowiak“ was supposed to be the October Palace, which made an official statement, noting that it would not make musicians.

In connection with media reports about the concert of the group“ vorovayki “ICCC“ October Palace “reported. In the“ October “a letter was sent about the event, but“ the October Palace “has not signed the contract, – is spoken in the message.

About the failed concert, spoke in interview to the journalist Yuri Dude producer and singer Yuri Bardash, who founded the group “Fungi“. In particular, the producer,who was born in Alchevsk (Luhansk region), said that Ukraine is “chaos“, and that is a sore topic for him.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • Sex scandal, Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood revs up a sex scandal producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of harassment such famous personalities as Madonna, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer aniston and others. This time Harvey filed another possible victim is a former Polish model Falcon Kai. The woman said that the rapist was going to buy her off for $ 25 million.

If the court finds the producer guilty – he will sit in jail until the end of life.

  • Placido Domingo resigned as the Director of the Opera

Spanish Opera singer 78-year-old Placido Domingo is also caught in a sex scandal after public allegations of sexual harassment left the post of General Director of the Opera of Los Angeles, who served for 16 years.

Also, Domingo has cancelled all performances at the Opera. The artist himself did not consider himself guilty, but after the accusations of two dozen women have decided that they are no longer able to be the Director.

It should be noted that the eight singers and one dancer said that since the end of 1980-ies at different times suffered from sexual harassment Domingo. What the artist said that he entered into a relationship, always only by mutual consent.

  • The son of Queen Elizabeth II was in the middle of a big sex scandal

Also loud in the middle of a sex scandal was the second son of British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew. He was accused of having links with a suspect in sex crimes by American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, the BBC published an interview in which one of the “slaves,“ the billionaire admitted in long-term intimate meetings with the Prince.

According to Virginia Roberts, Giuffrè, she met the Duke of York 18 years ago when she was 17 – during the first meeting, the Prince deliberately “spoil“ the girl so it was easier to persuade her to have sex.

It was a terrible time! Most of my life. I was abused by a member of the Royal family. I couldn’t understand how the highest circles, influential people of this world who run countries, can prevent it! and not only to prevent but also to participate in it, told Giuffrè.

Immediately after the interview at Buckingham Palace made a statement and denied the allegations of the girl, calling it an absolute lie. Until the end of the investigation, the Prince resigned Royal family member.

  • “Miss Ukraine 2019“ ambiguous answer to the question, whose Crimea

“Miss Ukraine 2019“ Margarita Pasha was disgraced after an ambiguous answer to the question, whose Crimea. According to her, the Peninsula belongs to the people.

I believe that the Crimea – all people. Whole territory of the Land belongs to all of us, people. All“ – said Pasha to a journalist’s question.
She also said that in the Crimea, in Feodosiya, her sister. “Yes, I like the Crimea. I love Yalta, foros love. When I was little, I very often rested there, – said Margarita.

Later she explained her answer to that question was delivered in such a way that her answer was the only correct one and urged Network users to be kinder.

The question was“ Whose Crimea?“. Question word was“ whose “, and nothing else. Therefore, the answer is quite logical. Whole territory of the Land belongs to the people, and Crimea is part Land, part of a huge planet, and, therefore, it belongs also to us, the people !!!! Think before you insult and accuse someone … And most importantly, be kinder and more humane “, – wrote Pasha.

Some followers supported the “Miss Ukraine“ and decided that the journalist “looking for a reason for the scandal to boost ratings“.

  • “Miss Lviv 2018“ instead of Amsterdam went to Moscow

The winner of the title “Miss Lviv 2018“ Natalia Baluch appeared in the scandal center from-for trip to Moscow. 24-year-old girl “got burned“ in the photo, which was exhibited in Instagram. It turned out that beauty had not visited Amsterdam, as has been said, namely, “white stone“.

Later, from Lvov commented on the situation, saying that in Moscow she has many friends, shared the views on the political situation in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. However, immediately after the scandal gained new momentum, as one of my friends, Natalia, who said her photo, an official of the Russian State Duma Alex Nazaryan dismissive about Ukrainians and Crimea.

Whose Crimea? Crimea – ours! If our asking of the Ukrainians, it is better not to drain me, and then all Ukraine will be ours. I fully agree with the policy, actions and steps of our President and believe that he does the right thing – wrote Alex Nazaryan.

Soon after, Natalia Baluch has restricted access to their pages in social networks.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • Scandal new Roman Sedokova

Singer Anna Sedokova got into the center of the scandal a relationship with a married Latvian basketball player Janis Timmay who is younger than her 9 years. After the singer reported about the affair in the Network, the Wife of the athlete Sana Timm wrote on the page in an angry Instagram post in which he called Anna from**hell with three kids from different husbands. After some time she apologized and said that after breaking up with Janis, which is little more than a year ago gave birth to a son, feels devastated.

Итоги года: Какими скандалами в мире звезд запомнился 2019

  • The petition is in the Network from an atypical image of Jesus in cinema

Streaming service Netflix has appeared in the scandal center from-for Comedy, in which they showed Jesus Christ a homosexual, and the virgin Mary – lover pot. Angry spectators created a petition on the website with the requirement to remove the tape “the First temptation of Christ“ from the platform, noting that the painting hurt their feelings, and therefore violates the law.

  • The hype for “treason“ by Justin Timberlake

Exemplary family man 38-year-old musician and actor Justin Timberlake “caught on hot“ with a 30-year-old actress alisha Wainwright. The Network got the photo, where colleagues in the film “Palmer“ (Palmer) hold hands and look very happy. The public is immediately attributed to the actors in a passionate affair. After that, Justin wrote a long post in Instagram, apologizing to his wife actress Jessica Biel for “fantasies public“ and noted. that no sedition was not just because he drank too much and “behave immodestly“.

I stay away from gossip as possible. But I feel that my family is very important to dispel recent rumors that hurt people I love, – wrote Justin. – A few weeks ago, I was very wrong in his decision, but let me clarify: between me and my colleague had nothing. I drank too much that night and I regret my behavior. This is not the example I would like to teach my son.

Previously, we wrote that Kim Kardashian got on the abuse of photoshop.

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