The return of the Trash: plot, cast and streaming of the film on Rete 4

The return of the Trash: plot, cast and streaming of the film on Rete 4

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The return of the Trash: plot, cast and streaming of the film on Rete 4

The return of the Trash: plot, cast and streaming of the film

Tonight, August 5, 2021, at 9.20 pm on Rete 4, The Return of Monnezza, a 2005 film, directed by Carlo Vanzina, written by Carlo Vanzina, Enrico Vanzina and Claudio Amendola, is broadcast. But let’s see all the information together in detail.


Rocky Giraldi is the son of the legendary policeman of the seventies Nico Giraldi and is an agent in the police operational departments. Just like his father, he has many friends in the field of petty crime and above all the children of the same friends as his father, children of art. One day Rocky intervenes on an emergency call and learns of the death of one of them, Cesare. He does not believe that it is a robbery that has degenerated into disgrace, but rather a murder. He begins to investigate the victim’s latest hits and discovers the connection to a major drug trafficking, but when he begins to get close to the truth he is framed for drug possession and arrested. With the help of Tramezzino, he manages to escape and resume the investigations as a wanted man. Her colleague Elisabetta also joins the investigation and ends up in trouble for complicity with the wanted man. After so many difficulties and a trip to Cortina d’Ampezzo, the trio succeeds in having the entire gang that managed the drug trade arrested, including financiers, politicians and the chief inspector of police.

The Return of the Garbage: the complete cast of the film

We saw the plot of The Return of the Trash, but what is the full cast of the film? Below is the list of actors with their respective roles:

  • Claudio Amendola: Rocky Giraldi
  • Elisabetta Rocchetti: Elisabetta Crocciani
  • Enzo Salvi: Sandwich
  • Kaspar Capparoni: lawyer Salvatore Lamantia
  • Gabriella Labate: Patrizia, wife of Cesare
  • Paolo Triestino: commissioner
  • Alessandro Di Carlo: Cesare
  • Gianni Parisi: Chief Inspector Ramacci
  • Roberto Brunetti: Caccola
  • Mariano D’Angelo: Zagaglia
  • Massimo Vanni: Gargiulo
  • Luis Molteni: Mr Bonini
  • Andrea Perroni: Franchino
  • Stefano Antonucci: Professor Ferretti
  • Marco Falaguasta: braggart policeman
  • Rolando Ravello: Vincenzo, Elisabetta’s ex
  • Roberto Della Casa: armory policeman
  • Stefano Ambrogi: Caterpillar
  • Antonello Morroni: Er Storm
  • Salvatore Misticone: inmate
  • Gianluca Ansanelli: talkative motorcyclist
  • Helmut Hagen: partner of the lawyer
  • Yoon Cometti Joyce: Chinese criminal
  • Mimmo Sepe: man at the club
  • Lisa Melidoni: Lisa, wife of the lawyer Lamantia
  • Éva Henger: dancer
  • Sasha D’arc: the Slav
  • Anna Longhi: Sora Cesira

Streaming and live TV

Where to see The Return of Monnezza live on TV and live streaming? The film, as mentioned, airs today – 5 August 2021 – at 9.20 pm on Rete 4. It will also be possible to follow it in live streaming via the (free) platform which allows you to follow the various Mediaset programs via tablet , smartphone or pc.