The rockers led by Dodo Doležal completed Schelinger's intended album

The rockers led by Dodo Doležal completed Schelinger's intended album

Rockers led by Dodo Doležal completed the Schelinger album< /p> Czech singer Jiří Schelinger performing at the Bratislava Lyra on June 9, 1976.

Prague – Guitarist and producer Miloš Dodo Doležal and his bandmates finished work on the album, which was realized by Jiří Schelinger prevented by his untimely death. Doležal devoted himself to Schelinger's compositions for several years and gradually released the albums Earthquake, Earthquake 2 and Epilogue with various musical colleagues. Now the Earthquake project has concluded with the title Finale, which was released today. Marcela Dvořáková informed ČTK about this on behalf of Warner Music.

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Singer and composer Schelinger killed himself under unclear circumstances on April 13, 1981 by jumping from the Bratislava bridge into the Danube.

Earthquake from 1993 was recorded by a line-up consisting of Doležal, singer Aleš Brichta, bassist Vlasta Henych and drummer Štěpán Smetáček. On Earthquake 2, Bricht was replaced by Mladen Djelmo, known for example from the Led Zeppelin Southern Revival project, and Miloš Doležal junior took the place of the bassist. The epilogue contains four long and demanding compositions. Two of them, The Stranger and You Can Enter the 21st Century, were completed by Schelinger just before his death and have been preserved on tapes from concerts or rehearsals.

The current recording of the Finale is Schelinger's Earthquake completed in the form in which it was originally intended to be released. It is also supplemented with the composition Svetlonoš, in which Schelinger's never-published melody was set to text by music critic and columnist Roman N. Zahrádka.

“The universality of his message is valid at all times, even more so now, when we are experiencing a period full of upheavals and uncertainty and when we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many may be surprised by the final treatment of the album based on the transformation of the singer's soul, which speaks to us from another world and warns us of the pitfalls of time and the possible loss of freedom. Especially when it reveals the reasons for Schelinger's death and behind-the-scenes moves that led to his untimely death,” said Zahrádka.

Charismatic Schelinger was able to apply himself in any genre, including mid-stream, blues or swing. On the one hand, he belonged to the mid-stream with the songs Což tachke din spánát, René, ja a Rudolf or Dráty pletací, on the other hand, as a member of the F.R. Čech Group, he stood at the birth of the Czech hard rock scene. His best-known hit Holubí dům appealed to many folk fans.