The rule that experts recommend for creating a strong and easy-to-remember password

The rule that experts recommend for creating a strong and easy-to-remember password

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The rule that experts recommend for creating a strong and easy-to-remember password

Passwords are like keys to a door. If the lock is weak or you leave it open, it makes it easier for Internet criminals. For this reason, experts recommend a series of steps to gettinga password is easy to remember and secure at the same time.

The information that is hidden behind this code of words, numbers and symbols is very important and, at the same time, sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to choose complex and strong passwords to prevent our personal data from being discovered and to close the door of our profiles and accounts to hackers.

Experts point out that the most vulnerable accounts arethose with keys that are repeated. Because if an attacker finds out the key to one account, all the others are at risk.

When all the requirements that a password should meet to be robust are reviewed, it seems impossible to memorize even one:

The requirements that a solid password must meet are too complex to follow.

  • That includes at least 8 or 10 characters long.
  • Have uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
  • Do not include serial numbers or letters (such as 1234 or abcd).
  • Avoid personal data easy to guess (such as ID, address, name of a child).
  • Use a different password on each website than the one used in others and those created in the past.
  • Change keys frequently.

Memory rule

The UK National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) has just published an article to create a strong password and at the same time unpredictable to protect personal data and prevent cybercrime – three easy-to-remember, random words.

The NCSC recommends that the passwords for online accounts bemade up of three random words instead of creating variations complex of letters, numbers and symbols.

The rule that experts recommend for creating a strong and easy-to-remember password

One key is that they are made up of three random words. Photo Martin Bonetto

Passwords with complicated words can be ineffective, as criminals they can guess its composition using specialized software.

To breach an account, cybercriminals rely on predictable strategies, such as replace the letter O with a zero or the number one with an exclamation point.

Therefore, when creating a password, it is better to search three simple, random and easy to remember words than trying to make strange combinations.

The softwares

In the technological field, there are “password managers”: programs that save the keys in one place, remember them and even suggest very complex combinations characters. With having the master key or fingerprint, it is enough to access all the data.

And although they are not exempt from being discovered, the advantage of being able to easily store all the services and have the convenience of remembering only one password outweigh any disadvantage.

Keeper is one of the most popular. An alternative is KeePassXC, it is free and multiplatform software. While Dashlane fulfills all the basic functions in addition to the option to connect to a VPN, that is, a private network.

For whom it is has the habit of writing them down in a notebook or digital padThe problem is that any curious can find them and have access to the bank account or other protected places.

The indicated thing is to have two notebooks stored in different places and write down only one part of each password in each one. Thus, using the NCSC method, one can write “carne.gol” and the other half “rocket9832”.