The scandal with “wiretapping” Goncharuk ridiculed funny fotozhabu

Скандал с «прослушкой» Гончарука высмеяли забавной фотожабой

On the tenth of February, the whole world froze in anticipation of the main cinematographic events of the year. Oscar 2020 announced its laureates. Ukrainian nominees have received their awards. However, in the network presented the award to the winner.

Such was the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk. Bright potrollit controversial policy known political blogger Alexei golobutsky. He was awarded the leader of the Cabinet of Ministers Oscar:

“Oscar-2020 gets… Alexey Goncharuk for scoring the role of Alexey Goncharuk in the blockbuster “Films Goncharuk”.

And really, in retrospect, how well resolved the fate Goncharuk after this scandal. And where is the punishment for the crime?

Recall that somewhere about a month ago, our new young Prime Minister, with a clean and spotless reputation, decided to get one path with all officials is to get caught in a scandal. Apparently, age and experience in the political circles of Alex instructed him once and for all that you can’t trust anyone, and my subjective opinion and criticism is to keep to yourself, not to be spoken behind anyone not to discuss. It is strange that such a lesson he was presented with a fate at such a young age. Now, however, the politician is clearly trying once about others not talking.

He tried to behave after scandal, as if nothing had happened, even slightly cheeky and confident. First claimed that he submitted his resignation and will not be able to transfer such a shame. But because literally the day emboldened, and even stated that he is not the President to decide whether to leave him or not, but everything is in the hands of Parliament. It is worth noting that many deputies supported his Prime Minister, and said they were on his side, they say will support and vote to the left.

Besides, to survive Goncharuk really shouldn’t have to dismiss him from his post can according to the legislation of Ukraine only according to his own will. The President has no right within a year to elect a new Prime Minister or the Parliament. And Goncharuk look second wings. It seems to be hushed up, and nobody wasn’t worried that public buildings can be installed bugs them all the secrets of auditioning. But sir Alex has certainly more than not respecting the identity among Ukrainians and it is unlikely in the face of Vladimir Zelensky.

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