The school committee supported the proposal that teachers could have a salary of 130 pct of the average

The school committee supported the proposal that teachers could have a salary of 130 pct of the average

Š Kolský committee supported the proposal so that teachers could have salary at 130 pct of the average

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Prague – The School Committee supported the coalition MPs' proposal for an amendment to the Act on Pedagogical Workers and the School Act and recommended it to the House of Representatives for approval. If the amendment is approved, teachers could, by law, have a salary on average at the level of 130 percent of the average gross salary. The adjustment of remuneration for teachers should apply from the beginning of next year. Originally, the government's proposal included the provision of remuneration by law for all teaching staff. School unions and other organizations involved in education in the Czech Republic do not agree with the new setting.

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According to the new arrangement prepared by MPs Marek Výborný (KDU-ČSL), Petr Gazdík (STAN), Renáta Zajíčková (ODS), Pavel Klíma (TOP 09) and Jakub Michálek (Pirates) and approved by the House of Representatives, the amount of funding for salaries would of teachers from next year was supposed to represent “on a monthly average for one full-time teacher at least 130 percent of the average gross monthly nominal wage for the calculated number of employees in the national economy”. The original government proposal assumed that the amount of money for the salaries of teaching staff would be set at least 1.404 times the average gross monthly nominal wage in the Czech Republic for the previous year.

Trade unionists in education do not agree with the amendment currently under consideration. “It is a disappointment for us, the government is going against its statement,” František Dobšík, chairman of the Czech-Moravian Trade Union of Education Workers, told ČTK today. He pointed out that about 40,000 workers in education who are not teachers are excluded from the right to remuneration according to the law with the new draft of the amendment. The proposal was also criticized by Radek Sárközi, the president of the Pedagogical Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Czech Statistical Office, the average gross monthly salary of teachers was 46,843 CZK the year before last, which corresponded to 115 percent of the national average wage. Last year, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Education, it should have been 113 percent, this year 50,523 crowns, i.e. 116.6 percent.

According to the Minister of Education Vladimír Balaš (STAN), work is being done to ensure that teaching assistants, educators and other school workers who do not directly teach have adequate remuneration. He stated that new salary tables for teachers and other teaching staff are being prepared separately. “There is an agreement that the tables will change and the remuneration of the other teaching staff will change, and we will also deal with non-teaching staff. It will be separated from the teachers,” he said after the committee meeting. “I believe that we will also be able to raise the salaries of the other non-teaching staff, because they are an important part of the educational process,” Balaš added. years in the second grade of elementary schools and in secondary schools as qualified pedagogues even without a teacher's education. They thus rejected Jana Berkovcová's (ANO) proposal that non-pedagogues could only teach in secondary schools, not in the second level of primary schools.

The proposal also introduces the position of an accompanying teacher to increase the quality of pedagogical practices and a system of introducing teachers who would they supported their budding colleagues for two years.