The sea level rise is accelerating around the coast of the USA

Повышение уровня моря ускоряется по всему побережью США

According to a new report, the rate of sea-level rise along most of the coastline of the United States continues to accelerate.

Scientists have identified a steady trend to an acceleration of sea level rise in 25 of the 32 American stations, measuring the tides, says Professor of the Virginia Institute of marine science, John boon (John Boon). “Acceleration can change the situation from the point of view of impact and planning, so we really need to pay attention to these schemes,” – said the expert.

The acceleration of sea-level rise was the highest along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Grand island, Louisiana, recorded an increase of nearly 8 millimeters per year, twice the global average. Two more places the greatest rise of the sea – Galveston and Rockport, Texas.

The report covers 51 years of observations of water level from January 1969 to December 2019.

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