The Senate requires the Pentagon response if they use mites as a biological weapon

Сенат требует от Пентагона ответ, используют ли клещей как биологическое оружие

Lawmakers of the house of representatives passed last week an amendment to the Law on state defense, which includes a Pentagon report about what have the US military mites in biological weapons.

The amendment, proposed by representative Chris Smith (Chris Smith), the state of new Jersey, requires the Pentagon full disclosure of the details of the possible experiments of the Ministry of defense of ticks and other insects. According to rumors, the U.S. military tried to turn beetles in biological weapons from 1950 to 1975.

“If this is true, what were the parameters of the program? Who ordered it? Was there any accidental release in any place or at any time from infected ticks?” said Smith during debate on the amendment.

He said that he was inspired to add the amendment after reading the material in one of the reports where it was mentioned that the experiments were carried out at Fort Detrick and plum island. The legislator believes that the spread of Lyme disease in the United States can be a consequence of failures in these experiments.

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