The Speaker of the House of Representatives will be accompanied by a hundred businessmen during her mission to Taiwan

The Speaker of the House of Representatives will be accompanied by a hundred businessmen during her mission to Taiwan

Šéfku of the Chamber of Deputies on a mission to Taiwan accompanied by a hundred businessmen

Illustrative photo – From left, Speaker of the House Markéta Pekarová Adamová and Ukrainian human rights defenders Marija Suljalinová, Daryna Pidhorná and Julija Sporyšová spoke at a public hearing on the topic Testimony from the scene: war crimes and human rights violations in occupied Ukraine, October 20, 2022 , Chamber of Deputies, Prague.

Prague – The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09), will be accompanied by a hundred Czech businessmen during her trip to Taiwan in March. ČTK was informed today by the spokesperson of the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, Tereza Šebestová, and the spokesperson of the Czech-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Lucie Šplíchalová, according to whom this will be the largest mission in mutual relations so far. Its members will be representatives of companies from the fields of nanotechnology, e-mobility, innovations in healthcare, artificial intelligence, circular economy, information and communication technologies or energy, said Šplíchalová. Šebestová described the mission as the biggest in the last five years.

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Half of the business part of the delegation, which will be led by the President of the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Hanák, and the Chairman of the Czech-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Pavel Diviš, will also fly to Korea with the Speaker of the Lower Parliamentary Chamber. The rest will be shipped by commercial line to Taiwan only. “In terms of the total number of registered participants, this will be the largest expedition of the Union of Industry and Transport since 2017. Such a great response only confirms that both countries are interesting for Czech entrepreneurs and have huge potential for our exports,” Hanák said in the union's press release.< /p>

According to Šplíchalová, participation was recommended for companies that already have established relationships and partners in both countries and want to support the partnership, as well as companies that want to get to know the territory, starting companies and start-ups. “The world is reorganizing the production and supply chain, the current conflict in Ukraine has intensified this process. We need to be there. Thanks to the deepening relations with Taiwan and the upcoming business mission, we are watching a new wind and a great opportunity to jump in the chain a degree higher,” its chairman Diviš said in the chamber's report.

Entrepreneurs will be able to follow up on previous missions, for example the trip together with the President of the Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, to Taiwan in 2020. “This year, during the delegation, we are also organizing our own events where we will present Czech brands and products to the local market,” said the co-founder of the current trip and director of the Czech-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Alice Rezková.

For example, the chamber will organize a PopUp Store, which will open in one of the most visited shopping districts of the Taiwanese capital on March 26. According to the chamber's spokesperson, this will be the cheapest way for Czech manufacturers, how to test the potential of the local market, in addition to media support.Businesses focused on healthy lifestyle, catering, designer clothing, toys or cosmetics will be able to take advantage of this.

The program will also include the Smart City Summit & Expo from March 28 to 31. It will focus on smart healthcare, artificial intelligence, education or green energy and circular economies. According to the spokesperson, the fair is the most important event of its kind in ICT in the Asia-Pacific region, it is visited by more than 100,000 visitors and over 450 exhibitors from all over the world every year.

Czech business will also have its platform in Taipei for companies, entrepreneurs, academics, start-ups, non-profit sector or cultural entities. On March 28, the Speaker of the House of Representatives will open a Czech hub, which the Chamber will sponsor in cooperation with the Security Center of European Values. It will offer know-how, a local network and help with PR. “From the upcoming trip, I expect further deepening of mutual relations with clients and partners, possibly the establishment of new relationships. We have a fairly clear plan of what and with whom we would like to negotiate,” said Vladimír Glas, the owner of the joint-stock company StemCon, who had already participated in Vystrčil's trip.