The SQ asks Gaspesians to open their eyes

The SQ asks Gaspesians to open their eyes

La SQ asks Gaspé his to open his eye

The Canadian Coast Guard continued the search on Monday afternoon in front of the Bic, in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The police believe that the current could have drifted up to ;in Gaspésie, objects belonging to the kayaker who disappeared Thursday in the Notre-Dame-du-Portage sector, in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

They crisscross a large search area, which extends from Rivière-du-Loup to the northeast of Baie-Comeau.

The Sûreté du Québec ( SQ) is asking for help from residents who frequent the shores of northern Gaspésie or who live near the water.

Paul Alexander Banko, 41, from Montreal, missing since Thursday. He would have left the Notre-Dame-du-Portage wharf, where his car was found on Sunday.

Paul Alexander Banko was reportedly last seen last Thursday.

Police need the public's help. People are our eyes, they are our ears, so it's important that people give us any relevant information, reports Sergeant Claude Doiron.

The SQ sergeant explains that it is not impossible that Mr. Banko's boat overturned and that objects washed up on the banks. We're looking for a sea kayak, [but] it could be anything, a paddle, a life jacket, the officer says.

Sergeant Doiron points out that he's not It's not impossible that someone could have picked up objects without making a connection with this disappearance since it took some time before the start of the investigation.

The SQ is looking on the banks at Notre-Dames-des- Neiges, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, the man who has been missing since Thursday.

The scope of the research is vast and expands to the east, according to the simulations. The more time progresses, the more the resources will move towards the east of the Gaspé Peninsula, indicates the policeman.

On Tuesday, the SQ and the Canadian Armed Forces deployed their teams of nautical research.

The Canadian Joint Rescue Coordination Center dispatched a Hercules aircraft, a DASH-8 type aircraft, a Cormoran helicopter, a Bell 412 type helicopter, the ships Cap de Rabast, Sipu Muin, Corporal Kaeble and two fast craft rescue belonging to the Canadian Coast Guard as well as two SQ boats on the ground on Tuesday.

A Canadian Army Hercules aircraft was used during search operations to find the lost kayaker.

PAL Aviation is also participating in the deployment.

The search will continue until sunset approximately eight nautical miles west of Notre-Dame- du-Portage, where he was last seen.

According to Lieutenant Commander Len Hickey of the Canadian Armed Forces, the search conditions are favorable thanks to the absence of wind and waves on the St. Lawrence River.

Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Coordinator Alexandre Savage announces that the Canadian Coast Guard is ending the search as the sun sets on Tuesday. Unfortunately, anyone or anything has yet to be located, he said.

If new information comes to light, the Coast Guard and National Defense could very well, no doubt, re-initiate new research, he says. It indicates that the file will be transferred to the SQ at the end of the day.