The star of the series “Sex and the city,” Chris noth for the second time became the father: the first photo of son

Звезда сериала "Секс в большом городе" Крис Нот во второй раз стал отцом: первые фото сына

In its 65 years, the American actor has decided to raise another offspring. Recently 37-year-old wife Tara Wilson gave birth to Chris’s Note of the second child. First touching footage of son the star decided to share with fans on social media pages.

About the pregnancy of the young wife of the actor said in September last year by posting a photo of his pregnant wife in his profile in instagram. The couple then admitted that waiting for the birth of the boy, who was named Keats. About the new addition to the family of the stars of the series “Sex and the city,” the public has also learned from the network.

Photos of newborn son appeared today, February 19. In the photo the kid is depicted in a tiny hat and a sheet. Apparently, Tara Wilson had not yet come home from the hospital after the birth of a boy.

Just came down from heavens, our son Keats
– touched actor Chris noth.

Звезда сериала "Секс в большом городе" Крис Нот во второй раз стал отцом: первые фото сына

Newborn son of Chris Nota / Instagram / @chrisnothofficial

It is worth noting that the name for the offspring of a celebrity was not chosen randomly. The son was named Keats in honor of the famous British writer John Keats, who worked in the XIV century. This was confirmed by the actor himself, adding a sensual photo with a quote from the great artist: “a Thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Recall that, despite the tremendous popularity after the publication of the series “Sex in the city”, the actor struck up a relationship not with a famous colleague, and with the usual waitress. Together the pair have already raised 12-year-old son Orion. Even the birth of first child did not affect their hasty decision to formalize the marriage. Lovers Chris noth and Tara Wilson gave marital vows only in 2012 when his son was 4 years old.

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