The state is investigating the abuse of sick leave, the data will be in April

The state is investigating the abuse of sick leave, the data will be in April

State investigates sick leave abuse, dates to be in April

Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek.

Prague – The Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs processes an analysis of whether people abuse social benefits and sick leave. He should have the first results in April. Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek said this today in the Partie program on CNN Prima News (TOP 09). He would like to present the analysis to the Health Committee in May.

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“On the basis of this, we can decide whether what some insurance companies and employers claim to us, that abuse of sick leave is taking place at least in a certain circle, is true or not. We can proceed accordingly,” said Válek.

Válek also rejected in a TV debate today that people who do not take care of their health should pay more for health insurance. According to him, there are more bonuses on the way, he would also like more citizens to join the screening programs. “If that person joins those programs, he saves the state a huge amount of money. Colorectal cancer screening costs tens of thousands for a lifetime, colorectal cancer treatment costs half a million,” Válek said.

According to MP Karla Maříková (SPD), already now the bonuses in the healthcare sector work, but the question is whether the healthcare sector has the resources for them. She also pointed out that, according to her, people do not have money to take care of their health, for example, to buy healthy food. According to Válk, in the future health insurance could cover part of a diet or healthy diet, for example for celiacs. He added that he would support everything that would lead to better availability of healthy food.

According to Maříková, it would also be a mistake to re-introduce the waiting period, i.e. not paying sick leave in the first days of illness. In the past, the deadline was three days. Válek said the reintroduction has its pros and cons. According to him, this is one of the proposals of economists, which is being discussed. “Without a doubt, it is possible that one of the members of the economic NERV will come up with it, then we will talk about it. My support is 50/50,” stated Válek.