The state will not reconsider its energy concept, it places emphasis on nuclear sources

The state will not reconsider its energy concept, it places emphasis on nuclear sources

State will not revise its energy concept, emphasizes nuclear sources< /p> Temelín nuclear power plant before dawn. Illustrative photo.

Prague – The state will not reconsider its energy concept, which it wants to build on nuclear energy in the future. On the contrary, its share in electricity production should increase from the current 36 percent to more than half in the future. Despite the current massive development, green sources will not be enough to cover the energy needs of the Czech Republic in the future. This was stated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) when asked by ČTK. The resort thus rejected the ecologists' call to change the approach to energy.

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In recent days, environmental organizations have called on the Czech government to change its approach in creating energy policy. According to them, the state should focus on innovation and the creation of capacities for the development of renewable energy sources (RES). On the contrary, he should not fixate on nuclear sources, which according to ecologists are expensive and problematic.

“Analyses show that even the massive development of renewable energy sources, up to tens of gigawatts, does not allow these resources to be used for base load, especially because of their low hourly usage compared to nuclear resources,” said David Hluštík from the press department in response to a call from ecologists MPO. According to him, the hourly use of renewable resources is up to six times lower compared to nuclear resources. “Furthermore, a system based on a higher share of nuclear sources and RES is more durable and cost-effective,” added Hluštík.

In the future, the main role will thus be played by nuclear energy, the importance of which the state wants to further strengthen. In the future, the state energy concept envisages the share of the core in electricity production ranging from 48 to 56 percent. The year before, this share was around 36 percent.

The state is now preparing the construction of a new nuclear unit in Dukovany, which should be completed in 2036. However, the Ministry does not want to stop there, so it is currently working on the basis for a decision on the preparation of other new units in Dukovany and Temelín. At the same time, the construction of small and medium-sized reactors in several locations throughout the country is under preparation.

According to the Ministry, nuclear sources with a utilization of over 8,000 hours per year and the possibility of creating strategic reserves of fresh fuel for many years are the most suitable in domestic geographical conditions emission-free source for future coverage of electricity consumption, which, according to estimates, should increase significantly.

“Last but not least, nuclear energy has a significant national economic benefit compared to other emission-free sources, which is related to the developed nuclear industry and research in the country ,” said Hluštík.

MPO is currently preparing a new thesis for the State Energy Concept. In its program statement a year ago, the government stated that it sees the future of the Czech energy industry in a combination of nuclear energy and decentralized renewable sources. One of the government's main goals in energy was the restoration of photovoltaics. According to the statement, the government wants to achieve the transition from coal by 2033 at the latest.