The supermarket threw out products by $35 thousand due to the client, which began deliberately to cough

The supermarket threw out products by $35 thousand due to the client, which began deliberately to cough Author: Ilona Faure Coronavirus US news PA Супермаркет выбросил продукты на $35 тыс. из-за клиентки, которая начала намеренно на них кашлять

The management of the supermarket in the district Luzern (PA) had to throw out products with a total value of $35 million after they began coughing client, pretending that she had coronavirus. The woman, presumably, regarded his action as a “prank”.

According to employees the supermarket Gerrity”s, the visitor coughed in the produce, meat Department and the Department of cakes. As soon as it was noticed by the workers, they immediately took her and called the police — but it was just a throw away.

“We have no doubt that this act was just a perverted joke, — commented on the incident Gerrity”s co-owner Joe Phasoula — but not going to put the health of our customers even the slightest risk.”

“The only way out was to throw all products with which it is in contact. <…> We were able to identify which departments she was, and thoroughly disinfect”.

According to Fasula, the client has long been a “source of problems” for local residents. Now she plans to press charges in connection with the incident in the supermarket. The woman will also check for coronavirus.

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