The survey showed, Americans began to live better after the arrival of the trump to power

Опрос показал, стали ли американцы жить лучше после прихода Трампа к власти

Six out of 10 Americans say they feel better after the first 3 years of his presidency Donald trump (Donald Trump).

A Gallup survey gives encouraging data for the campaign trump, as his battle for re-election is heating up. The majority of respondents said that has become better over the last three years, while the current President is at the helm – 6 out of 10.

No other incumbent President in the last three decades did not enjoy such a high rating from people that claim they feel better in their situation. In 2012, when President Barack Obama was in the White house, 45% of Americans said about the improvement for 3 years. In 2004, 1996 and 1992, the figure was 50%.

Thus, 61% satisfied with the work of trump, 36% said that life has deteriorated, about 3% said that nothing has changed.

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