The survival of the Norcycle bike club threatened by insurance costs

The survival of the Norcycle bike club threatened by insurance costs

Norcycle bike club's survival threatened by insurance costs

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">In recent years, mountain bike trails have multiplied in Quebec and so have enthusiasts. (File photo)

The board of directors of the Norcycle cycling club in Sept-Îles believes that insurance prices put the future of the organization in jeopardy. danger.

Its vice-president, Marie-Hélène Harvey, indicates that the annual costs have gone from $250 to $22,000 in the last three years.

She specifies that the trails located on the Lac des Rapides site, very popular with cyclists and walkers, are closed for lack of affordable insurance. The Norcycle cycling club has not been insured since May 1st.

This represents a major increase for our small club, laments Ms. Harvey.

A path of the Norcycle cycling club (File photo)

While the club has about forty members, she considers that external sources of funding are necessary to open the site to full time, or even to maintain the activities of the organization.

We do not have the same traffic as a bike club in another city like Quebec or Montreal. With the number of members we have, it is sure that we are really not able to assume that. It's impossible, adds Ms. Harvey.

For his part, the mayor of Sept-Îles, Steve Beaupré, explains that the Municipality has financially supported the cycling club l' last year.

He is not closing the door on renewing this aid this year.

However, Norcycle club administrators had been advised that this was not a recurring aid. The City can help, but we cannot, year after year, on a recurring basis, pay insurance for private clubs of this nature, says the mayor.

The mayor of Sept-Îles, Steeve Beaupré (File photo)

For the moment, the trails will remain open as of June 5 for evening cycling lessons.

We remain insured for lessons, but outside of class hours, the trails remain closed. It's the only thing you can do, explains Marie-Hélène Harvey.

The Norcycle cycling club, which includes 14 km of trails, has been open since 1999, according to the vice-president.