The sweet duality of artist Yong Sook Kim-Lambert

The sweet duality of artist Yong Sook Kim-Lambert

The sweet duality by artist Yong Sook Kim-Lambert

The Magogoise artist Yong Sook Kim-Lambert presents the exhibition “Meditation between two cultures” at the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery.

L& #x27;magogoise artist Yong Sook Kim-Lambert presents the exhibition Meditation between two culturesat the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery, where several paintings of various formats, mostly abstract, hang. The one who speaks three languages ​​prefers visual art to express herself.

“Art expresses what I feel: fear, loneliness, distress or alienation, but also happiness, joy. In short, all the emotions!

—Yong Sook Kim-Lambert, visual artist

The exhibition consists of several paintings in various formats, mostly abstract.

The exhibition includes works created during and after the pandemic, a difficult period, where the artist experienced a lot of loneliness, like many people. She has been married for thirty years to a Quebecer, and the couple have two children born in Quebec, but they now live far from Estrie. Their daughter lives in Texas and their son works in South Korea. I felt isolated, couldn't see my children and I don't have family here.

To help her through this difficult time, Yong Sook made several of her works on Korean mulberry paper, which she brought back in her suitcases when she left Korea. On this traditional, handmade paper, the history of the development of the Korean language is printed. It gave me comfort, reassurance to paint on paper. It brought me closer to my origins, says Yong Sook.

Several of the artist's works were made on Korean mulberry paper .

La Magogoise needs to create. Every day, or almost, she paints in her studio.

“For me, creating art is a way of meditating. Daily life gives a lot of stress. Entering the workshop gives me great happiness.

—Yong Sook Kim-Lambert, visual artist

“For me, creating art is a way of meditating”, says the artist.

Yong Sook Kim-Lambert was born in South Korea, in a family of eight children. For his mother, education was paramount. Even without money, my mother found a way to pay for private lessons after school. I had piano and painting lessons. Painting appealed to me more than piano lessons! , says the artist with a laugh.

The young woman decided to study fine arts at Hongik University in Seoul and make it her profession. She arrived in Quebec in 1990, in Magog, but soon returned to Pennsylvania to teach visual arts there for many years. She has been back in Magog since 2017. I feel so good here. Even though I don't have family here, I have the support of my lovely neighbors!

Yong Sook Kim-Lambert explains that he draws inspiration from his country of origin to create.

Yong Sook draws a lot of inspiration from his home country to create. He misses smells and cooking a lot. There was a time when I painted my pictures with red. In Korea, we eat a lot of kimchi, with spices and red peppers! It comes out in my paintings!, she explains, adding that Korean peppers are small, but strong.

Her works are part of public and private collections, notably in the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ) and the Canadian Museum of History. Last year, she received a scholarship from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ). This is what allowed him to create the works on display at the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery, which the public can view until May 20. Yong Sook also participates in the Circuit des arts Memphrémagog, where the public will be invited to visit his studio, from July 1 to 9, 2023.

The works can be viewed at the Cookshire-Eaton Art Gallery until May 20.