The Taliban: “Women cannot work because there is not enough security for them”

The Taliban: “Women cannot work because there is not enough security for them”

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The Taliban: “Women cannot work because there is not enough security for them”

The Taliban will not tolerate foreign military presence in Afghanistan beyond the scheduled deadline of August 31, 2021. And they will prohibit Afghans from traveling to Kabul airport to leave the country due to the chaos situation outside the airport. This was stated by Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Islamic fundamentalist group, during a press conference convened in Kabul today, Tuesday 24 August.

Mujahid also spoke of what is happening in the Panjshir valley, in northern Afghanistan, from which news of ongoing fighting between the Taliban and the resistance led by Ahmad Massoud: “There is no belligerent situation” in the region, the spokesman denied, explaining that a “compromise” is being worked on with the local authorities.

And on the condition of women in Afghanistan after the return to power of the Taliban, Mujahid made it clear that “in Kabul at the moment women cannot work because there is a lack of security”. But “they will come back when the situation has stabilized”, he assured.

“We ask the United States not to encourage people to leave our country: we need their talent. There are too many people outside and inside the Kabul airport: some are crushed by the crowd and lose their lives. We must restore calm ”, said the spokesperson at the press conference, adding that Afghan citizens will no longer be allowed to go to the airport.

Mujahid tried to send reassuring messages to the population and the international community: “We wish all our fellow citizens to live a peaceful life,” he said. “We are working with consulates and embassies, which must not feel threatened. We want to collaborate, their staff can stay in the country and must be able to continue living in our country “.

And again: “We want stability and peace. we want to bring the country to the highest level of development. We want to recreate our country. We will start with the army, we will bring back security ”. “The health ministry has started its work and people are being treated in all Afghan hospitals,” the spokesman stressed. “Schools are open to students according to ministerial procedures”, while “the consultative process for the formation of the government” continues.

Women? “This is a topic that journalists really like,” Mujahid said in response to a question. “At this moment in Kabul women cannot work because there is a lack of security, but they will return when the situation has stabilized”.

“Security is given by us,” he added. “In some cases the staff have not yet been properly trained and there may be some security problems, but this is a temporary situation”.

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