The theme of this year's One World film festival is the price of safety

The theme of this year's One World film festival is the price of safety

The theme of this year's film festival One world is the price of safety

Illustrative photo – Spectators at the screening in the summer cinema at the One World film festival.

Prague – One World Human Rights Documentary Festival has chosen the prize of safety as its main theme for this year's 25th edition. New will be a competition category designed for projects in virtual reality and an expanded debate program. ČTK was informed by the organizers. The festival will take place from March 22 to April 2 in 28 cities throughout the Czech Republic. In Prague, the program is scheduled from March 22 to 30.

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“The theme of insecurity and the search for safety pervades all the films of this year. Whether it is feelings of financial security, family background, or security guaranteed by the state, these connections mean something different to each of us,” said festival director Ondřej Kamenický. For each film, the festival plans special discussions to place the films and their themes in a wider context. The debate program will also have its own dramaturgy.

For example, the film Kuciak: The Murder of a Journalist will have its distribution premiere. The program will also include the documentary Visitors, which explores why finding a new home on Svalbard is far from easy. The film Pongo Calling focuses on the Roma truck driver Štefan Pongo, who fought against prejudice and discrimination against Roma across Europe. A complete overview of all films and the program is on the festival's website.

“Given that a year will soon pass since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, even One World cannot ignore the unceasing aggression. It is therefore dedicating one of the thematic sections to Ukraine,” the organizers said. Therefore, visitors will see, for example, the film Overcome the Darkness? filmed by a collective of Ukrainian filmmakers who report on everyday life in the midst of a raging conflict.

The competition category dedicated to films in virtual reality includes, for example, the film Connected to the Land of Anna, which confronts the audience with the damage caused to the planet by the rapid expansion of humanity. What life looks like in the infamous prison for political prisoners in the middle of the Venezuelan capital will be shown by the interactive project In Prison El Helicoide.

In addition to Prague, the festival will take place in cinemas in Brno, Uherské Hradiště, Ústí nad Labem, Znojmo or Young Boleslav. Between April 20 and 27, the program will take place in Brussels.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the festival launched the One World Online VOD platform, where you can watch the best documentaries from past years throughout the year from anywhere in the Czech Republic. For this year's twenty-fifth anniversary, the most striking images from past years are available from January at the address Selected films from this year will be available online from April 3rd to 16th.

The Human Rights Documentary Festival is organized by People in Need. It was held for the first time in 1999. According to the organizers, the parade is the most important event of its kind in the world, and in 2007 it received an honorable mention from UNESCO for human rights education.