The threat of coronavirus in the Ukraine are preparing hospitals and physicians

Evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan was to be held on February 11. However, a Charter flight for them has still not arrived. The government says – will fly from day to day. Health institutions for hospitalized patients with suspected deadly infection has already been identified.

People with suspected coronavirus plan to put in separate boxes in the infectious disease Department of the fourth Metropolitan hospital. Doctors and other patients on the ward they will not be contacted. Doctors will be able to be inside only in suits with a high degree of protection.

In the hospital report that their Department is completely ready to respond to cases of coronavirus infection. Doctors say they have finished working on another patient algorithm. In Ukraine, the coronavirus is determined by the process of elimination.

Will borrow materials for research of influenza and other respiratory viruses. In the case of obtaining a negative result here, in our Virology reference laboratory center, which has a test system on the coronavirus, will conduct research specifically on the presence of this infection,
– said the epidemiologist of the public health Center of Ministry of health Oksana Kochalka.

By the way, none of the suspected coronavirus in Ukraine was not confirmed. However, if this happens, each region has identified health facilities where the infected will be hospitalized. Infectious disease physicians claim that fear of the coronavirus is not necessary – most likely in Ukraine to pick up the flu. Just a week in Ukraine from flu complications died eight people.

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