The three unions and engage a portion of arm wrestling at the SQDC

Trois syndicats se livrent une partie de bras de fer à la SQDC

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Last Friday, the NSA had failed in its attempt to unionize the workers of the SQDC.

It is the turn of the canadian Union of public employees (CUPE) to file a petition to unionize the workers of the quebec Society of cannabis (SQDC) that were not already covered by a request for accreditation.

Last Friday, the NSA had failed in its attempt to unionize the workers of the SQDC. The administrative Tribunal of the work had rejected her request because she had not obtained a majority of the membership cards to the union.

And he had not ordered a vote of the workers, because the NSA had not reached the minimum threshold of 35 % of membership is needed to order such a vote.

This time, it is the canadian union of public EMPLOYEES, affiliated with the FTQ, which has filed a petition for certification overall for the workers of the several branches, as well as separate queries to unionize workers per establishment, in those Levis, Lebourgneuf, Drummondville and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This overall query would receive a minimum of five locations, either for the time being the four for which CUPE has filed individual applications, as well as that of the rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal.

The unit residual

CUPE sees in the medium and long terms ; it has, therefore, filed a motion residual. “The unit residual account not just the 5 locations on 12. When you have the unit residual, labour law, you accounts, all the new branches to open. If the union, in its filing of accreditation, rather than give an address [of the branch], said, ” all institutions are not covered by the accreditation certificate “, it is as if we said all those who do not yet have a query and that are open will be paid to us, ” explained in an interview with The canadian Press Mathieu Dumont, coordinator at the service of the unionization of the EMPLOYEES.

For its part, the CSN has filed a new application for certification for workers of the branch of the Sainte-Catherine street West in Montreal — she will play with CUPE, which it includes in its overall query. The CSN is also waiting for the decisions of the agent of labor relations in three other branches for which it has already filed petitions, Mascouche, Trois-Rivières and the boulevard L’acadie in Montreal.

Two accreditations

To this day, the only trade union which is recognized in the SDQC is that of the Workers of the united food and commercial (UFCW), also affiliated with the FTQ. He has received two accreditations to represent the employees of two branches, or those of Rosemont and Rimouski. The meetings with the employer began ; the atmosphere is good and the process is well underway, as already indicated, in the interview, Antonio Filato, president of the provincial council of the UFCW.

In the other two branches, to which the UFCW has filed an application for accreditation, or those of Mirabel and Sainte-Foy, a vote has been ordered to verify the willingness of the employees. This is to say that the UFCW had received support that ranged between 35% and 50%.


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