The trick to change the color of WhatsApp: how to activate it

The trick to change the color of WhatsApp: how to activate it

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The trick to change the color of WhatsApp: how to activate it

WhatsApp has been characterized since its appearance among mobile devices in providing the user with more and more functions that improve the service, but always was in debt to customization, such as changing the color of the traditional icon.

This layer of personalization absent in the messaging app can be replaced with a third-party app that works in tandem with WhatsApp. It should be clarified that you will not have access to conversations or personal information of users, it only applies to the aesthetic environment.

In this context appears Nova Launcher. It is an app that can be downloaded without too many inconveniences and installed on the cell phone or tablet to completely change the interface in a very simple way.

Once it is available on the device, the user must configure it according to preferences. Choose the number of apps or choose the color of the phone’s theme (light, dark or automatic) and the arrangement of the icons on the screen.

The Nova Launcher app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store.

For example, you can change the classic green WhatsApp icon for a blue, purple or whatever you want to have on your cell phone.

How to change the color of WhatsApp

For that, first, you have to go and enter the Google search engine where you will have to look for the WhatsApp icon in blue and in transparent PNG format.

After downloading it, you have to return to the main screen of the device.

Now you must press the WhatsApp icon for about three seconds and a window will open to be able to edit it.

Next, the downloaded blue WhatsApp icon is searched for and replaced by the classic one. Finally, it must be superimposed on the original image. This way, the application logo can be modified.

WhatsApp prepares an update for the States

The novelty in which WhatsApp works for its instant messaging service will allow access status updates from a user’s profile, in a process that follows the example of the disappeared Twitter Fleets.

The messenger recently updated the beta of its Android application (version with a new feature in development that appeared in the code and will arrive in a future update to software testers, as highlighted by the specialized site WABetaInfo.

The trick to change the color of WhatsApp: how to activate it

WhatsApp tests a function in the States similar to the defunct Fleet from Twitter.

This is a function that allows, by clicking on a user’s profile image, choose between viewing said image or accessing the status update -the ephemeral publication of WhatsApp that disappears after a day-. This function will complement the section already dedicated to States on the main page, between Chats and Calls.

This process is similar to that followed by the Twitter Fleets, which also had their own section at the top of the application. In this case, the social network decided to withdraw these publications on August 3.

Chat migration

To the stellar announcement of the new folding screen cell phone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 He was accompanied by another referral to the WhatsApp messaging service. The platform confirmed this Wednesday the function that allows migrate conversation history between Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp presented this novelty that also includes the voice notes, photos and conversations, in a fluid and safe way when changing mobile operating system. In this way, users can switch between the platforms of their choice and take beyond their conversation history to the device of their choice.

Samsung confirmed during the Galaxy Unpacked event that the ability to move chat history coming to Samsung phones first, starting with the new foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.