The twins are going — How the zodiac is not “to sit in a puddle” on February 13

Mercury in exile requires the utmost concentration.

Близнецы допрыгаются — Как Зодиаку не «сесть в лужу» 13 февраляShould stop inflame attention to the abundance of details. Trying to sit on all the chairs can fail.

Mercury bestows their wards volubility, quick wit and as a result, business acumen with a desire to be everywhere. But in exile on February 13, mercury will not be able to provide adequate support to his main subject, I mean the Twins. On this day, they are required to limit the concentration with a concomitant understanding of the essence of the matter as deeply as possible.

The planet is very fast and therefore under its influence formed an abundance of rapidly developing events. But on February 13, the Twins do not try to jump on all the chairs, and to allocate a minimum of basic problems, solving them systematically and progressively. Otherwise, the Twins are going — trying to cover everything will result in anything.

Astrologers recommend the Twins to use his strongest ability — an open and agile mind. But not the fact that work independently to filter out unnecessary information. Will not “sit in a puddle” representatives of Zodiacs, accustomed to thoroughly “dig in” on their territory and able to calculate in advance.

The dual nature of Gemini may cause some doubts in the decision that may cause frustration in “best” case, and unwillingness to accept any opinion — at worst. But to give up early, because the Twins have a lot of friends.

Good advice will give Taureans and Capricorns and Aquarians will help to concentrate on one target, not rosalea attention to detail. You should listen to Cancers and Virgos if they have Twins among the chiefs.

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