The U.S. Senate supported the restriction of military powers trump

Сенат США поддержал ограничение военных полномочий Трампа

The White house said that trump will veto the resolution

The U.S. Senate supported the resolution, which limits the powers of the President of Donald trump in the use of armed forces against Iran. About it reports Reuters.

For the resolution voted 51 Senator. 44 representative of the upper house of Congress made against the document.

The resolution makes it impossible to declare war on Iran without congressional approval. In this case, the trump shall retain the right to use force in case Iran will pose a threat of attack on facilities or US military.

Also Trump does not prohibit the use of force against terrorists “al-Qaeda” and their supporters. However, the White house will have to explain to Congress the need for the use of force.

The White house said that trump plans to veto the bill.

Recall, January 10 limitation of war powers trump against Iran was supported in the House of representatives. The resolution was supported by the 224-member lower house of Congress.

Note the relationship between the US and Iran escalated after the assassination of the us military of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani 3 Jan. In response, Iran January 7, conducted a rocket attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq. Iranian state television also said that Iran has 100 goals in the region, which would be a blow if Washington will take any action in response.

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