The University of Ostrava will open the City Campus today for more than one billion

The University of Ostrava will open the City Campus today for more than one billion

University of Ostrava will open City Campus today for more than a billion

Revitalized space at the new Ostrava University campus in the city center, January 17, 2023, Ostrava.

Ostrava – The University of Ostrava will ceremoniously open the City Campus with new university buildings for sports and art today at the Černá louka exhibition grounds. The costs of building university buildings exceeded one billion crowns. A building for the Faculty of Arts was built on the site, and in another part, facilities for sports, which will serve the needs of the students of the Department of Human Movement Studies of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava. The university was the only one in the Czech Republic that did not have its own sports field. The world of sports and art connects the space with a wide residential staircase between the two buildings.

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The billion dollar project is mostly paid for with European money. Land worth 41.7 million crowns was provided to the university by the city of Ostrava and the embankment of the Ostravice river was also modified under the new buildings.

Top-equipped digital graphics workplaces, music studios with excellent acoustics and modern sports field and diagnostic laboratories, including an indoor running oval. For example, there will be a hall for ball sports the size of three basketball courts, a gymnastics hall certified by the World Gymnastics Federation or an indoor climbing wall. The artistic part, on the other hand, will offer a chamber hall with top-quality acoustics or exhibition spaces, which with their neutrality of white walls will make the works of art on display more visible.