The US will send another $400 million in military aid to Ukraine

The US will send another $400 million in military aid to Ukraine

The US has given Ukraine $400 million in military aid< /p> Illustrative photo – Illustrative photo of an M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle from Syria on December 8, 2021. The M2 Bradley is an infantry fighting vehicle developed by FMC, whose main user is the United States Army. The vehicle was named after Army General Omar Bradley

Washington – The United States will send Ukraine additional military aid worth 400 million dollars (about 8.8 billion CZK). This was announced today by Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. According to him, the Ukrainian army will receive mainly ammunition from American warehouses, including missiles for HIMARS missile systems and howitzers.

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“This military aid package includes additional munitions for the US-provided HIMARS systems and howitzers that Ukraine uses so effectively for its defense, as well as munitions for Bradley fighting vehicles, bridge tanks, demolition munitions and equipment, as well as maintenance, training and support,” said Blinken.

U.S. President Joe Biden will speak with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today at the White House about further aid to the Ukrainian army. The leaders of the NATO countries are talking about the fact that, due to the onslaught of Russian troops near Bakhmut, Ukraine now especially needs artillery ammunition and missiles for rocket launchers, but also more tanks.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the United States has supplied or promised help to Kiev worth more than 32 billion dollars (709 billion CZK).