The voice of the country-10: managers of the project told any vocalists looking for

Tina Karol, Dan, MONATIK, Fri and NK spoke about the strategy of victory.

Голос країни-10: Тренеры проекта рассказали, каких вокалистов ищут

“Voice of the country-10”: the trainers told what singers are looking for

Already on 19 January at 21:00 on TV channel “1+1“ kicks off the tenth season of“the Voice of the country“, which will be the main vocal battle era. TV viewers get a strong selection of vocalists in the entire history of the project: auditions throughout Ukraine, the participants from all over the world, powerful voices, unique voices and life stories that are impressive. On the eve of the tenth season of the trainers shared what the voices are looking for and what kind of strategy to win chose.

The most experienced coach project Tina told who he’s looking for in his team and made an unexpected confession:

“It is not only the anniversary season, and the real battle of the era. All the singers are ambitious, emotional, artistic. With different destinies, but a common purpose – to lead people to the good side. They are not just strong voices – songs are pouring out of the heart. Sure, on the stage of “the Voice“ a star will be born. During the blind auditions I saw her in parties and even thought to take under his wing the singer as a producer“.

Голос країни-10: Тренеры проекта рассказали, каких вокалистов ищут

Tina Karol

PTP, which this season took a double seat together with his wife NK, said they came to the project in order to help the singers to open up, to demonstrate its full potential:

“We are very happy and know that happy employees – implemented. So we want to recruit a team of artists that strive for internal upgrade. We are in search of cool singers that want to change. Our super-task is not just to work with your team throughout the project, and to do so at the end of “the Voice of the country“ our members know how to achieve success beyond“.

And NK shared, who expects to find:

“I’m looking for bright personalities and are ready to win not only the show but of himself and his fears. And my mission is to help them. Of course, the voice has a very important role in this show, but as I’m saying from my coaching experience, it is important how the people held on the stage, as it moves kind of energy transfers“.

Голос країни-10: Тренеры проекта рассказали, каких вокалистов ищут

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Multiartist MONATIK shared his own strategy, which should lead him to victory:

“For me it is a very welcome season, and of course I came to win, as each of the coaches. Strategy I does not change from year to year. I have the 2nd year on “Golos of the country“ and for 2 years I was on “the Voice.Children“, here and there – work with soul, to work full to work to the max, inspire, and breathe participants. To create something new, to open such that previously seemed impossible.“

Dan Balan told, trying to feel “his“ singer:

“I first need to feel the energy of the performer, and the strategy and plan to fight for the party departs on the second plan. For me, “the voice of the country“ is a project primarily about the voice, the ability to feel the artist and to understand what I can do to help him unlock his talent.“

Голос країни-10: Тренеры проекта рассказали, каких вокалистов ищут

Dan Balan

Recall that in the coaching seats in the audience of the TV channel “1+1“ you see Tina Karol, which is the record holder for most wins; Dan Balan, who joined “Voice of the country“ last season, and despite the fact that he was a novice, could win; MONATIK, already for the third time will be the vocal coach of the show and hopes to get a championship during the anniversary season, and the first ever adult “Voice of the country“, and double chair for the victory will compete just two coach – wife PTP and NK.

Who can lead his players to victory in the main voice against age – anniversary season of “the Voice of the country-10“ we’ll find out very soon.

Earlier it was reported that the finalist of the first season of “the Voice of the country“ Tonya Matvienko showed how grown up her daughter from Arsen Mirzoyan.

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