The voice Peru: Tito Nieves, Mauri Stern, Danny Ocean and Christian Yaipén will be the jurors in the battles

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The voice Peru: Tito Nieves, Mauri Stern, Danny Ocean and Christian Yaipén will be the jurors in the battles

The program La voz Perú is getting more interesting and intense, as it will go on to the stage of battles, which consists of the elimination of some contestants from the teams of each of the coaches.

Eva Ayllón, Mike bay, Daniela Darcourt and Guillermo Davila They will have the complicated mission of eliminating half of their team, a system that is applied as part of the competition. This part of the singing contest can be seen starting on Wednesday, July 14.

“From this Wednesday at 8.30 pm our coaches will have the difficult decision of eliminating half of their team, but they will not be alone”Was the announcement that La voz Perú released from its official Instagram account.

As the ad points out, coaches won’t be alone. The program revealed, through a video, that renowned figures such as Tito Nieves, Mauri Stern, Danny Ocean and Christian Yaipén will help coaches make the best decision regarding who will continue to compete.

Tito Nieves will support Daniela darcourt, Danny Ocean will join Mike Bahia, Mauri Stern He will share his experience in music with Guillermo Dávila, and the Creole singer Eva Ayllón will be supported by Christian Yaipén.

Amy Gutiérrez on La voz Perú: “I would have liked to be there”

Amy Gutiérrez congratulated her colleague Daniela Darcourt for being one of the coaches of La voz Perú and confessed that she would have liked to be called as a coach.

“Obviously I would have liked to be sitting there. I also send my congratulations to Daniela Darcourt, who is a Peruvian singer who also started like me, from a very young age, and has fought for her dreams. And look, she’s sitting there in a chair as a coach. That for me is very motivating, “he told a local newspaper.

La voz Peru, participant sends message of female empowerment

Coralie Mestanza, the participant who joined La voz Perú, on Tuesday, July 8, surprised the jury with a powerful message on female empowerment.

“I come here wanting to represent empowered women and women’s liberation. It is a very important message that comes with me and that I want to carry through this competition, because It seems to me that art should have content and that is why I need to go to the team of a powerful woman”, Coralie chose Daniela Darcourt in light of what was said.

The participant managed to captivate the four coaches of La voz Peru. Photo: Latina capture

Daniela Darcourt revealed that two years ago she overcame a terrible disease

The jury of La voz Peru, Daniela Darcourt confessed in the program and said that thanks to her passion for music she was able to come out of a disease that almost left her voiceless.

“We artists go through very difficult processes, we cross and jump over obstacles. Many times, we are much stronger than any human being. I experienced the process of vocal cord polyps two years ago and it was one of the saddest processes of my life.“Said the salsa singer.

Daniela darcourt

La voz Peru: Daniela Darcourt was surprised to see the singer of Son temptation

The salsa singer, Daniela Darcourt was captivated by the voice of Narda Pumarada Vocalist of Son temptation, a group to which she belonged and became known.

After turning her chair, Daniela gave a cry of emotion. Also, before the reception, the young woman said: “It is a total honor that the four coaches have turned around and have been able to receive their feedback. I am very grateful, especially to the teacher Eva Ayllón, for having received me with such affection, I know that I will be able to learn a lot from her and from my classmates ”.

They are temptation greeted its member for joining La voz Perú

The voice Peru, participant interprets famous theme of the anime Naruto

Participant Berioska impressed the judges of La voz Peru by perform the theme song “Blue bird” from the popular anime Naruto.

Before his presentation, the four jurors Eva Ayllón, Daniela Darcourt, Guillermo Dávila and Mike Bahía they were impressed and did not hesitate to turn their chairs.