The week will be cloudy and warm at first, cooling down for the weekend

The week will be cloudy and warm at first, cooling down for the weekend

The week will be cloudy and warm at first, it will cool down to more ;kend

Cloudy sky, clouds, weather, tree – illustration photo.

Prague – This week in the Czech Republic will be cloudy, accompanied by occasional rain and initially also windy. But it will still be warm. On weekdays, the highest daily temperatures reach above ten degrees Celsius. It will cool down for the weekend. This follows from the weekly forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

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According to meteorologists, occasional showers or rain will accompany today. From the middle positions, the precipitation can be snowy at first. The sky will be cloudy, but during the day the cloud cover should decrease, especially in the southwestern half of the Czech Republic. Daily maximum temperatures will be between nine and 13 degrees Celsius. It will gradually start to blow, especially in Bohemia and Silesia, in the mountains the wind can reach gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

Meteorologists expect similar weather on Tuesday as well, when the wind should weaken in the evening. Wednesday will also be unusually warm with afternoon highs between nine and 13 degrees. The sky will be cloudy with occasional rain. Along with the rain, snow can also fall on the mountains.

Thursday and Friday are expected by meteorologists to be a bit colder. Daily highs should not exceed 11 degrees Celsius. The sky will continue to be cloudy with occasional rain, which will gradually change to snow in the mountains on Friday.

A more pronounced cooling should come to the Czech Republic at the weekend with an influx of cold air from the northwest to the north. The highest daily temperatures will first drop to four to eight degrees Celsius, on Sunday and next Monday they will range between freezing point and plus four degrees.

The Czech Republic has had an unusually warm weekend. Roughly a quarter of the long-term measuring stations recorded temperature records on Saturday. In Dyjákovice in Znojmo it was even over 16 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologists, the average highest temperatures in the second half of February are around four degrees Celsius.

The warm weather at the weekend was caused by melting snow, which, together with the rain, led to the rise of some streams to the first, i.e. the lowest, flood stage. This morning around 08:00 the first stage was at 11 measuring stations, especially in the upper and middle Elbe, Orlice, upper Sázava, Odra and Svratka basins. On the Elbe in Vestřev in Trutnovsk and on Divoká Orlica in Orlické Záhoří in Rychnovsk, the water level briefly rose to the second of the three flood stages during the night, the ČHMÚ reported.