The winner of the “Oscar-2020” made fun of a funny cartoon

Победителя «Оскара-2020» высмеяли забавной карикатурой

The film “Parasite,” directed by pona Joon-Ho, who this year became the winner of the film award “Oscar”, made fun of the tag caricature.

Drawing published in his Telegram channel Russian cartoonist Sergei Elkin.

In his creation he just beat the name of the movie. Figure two dogs, which annoy fleas, discuss the latest news. One of them says that the place of the judges, who awarded the film award “Oscar”, never would have given the primacy of the movie with the same name.

Победителя «Оскара-2020» высмеяли забавной карикатурой

We will remind, chtov the center of the plot to the South Korean Comedy-drama film — the story of an unemployed family, which in whatever was decided to improve his financial situation at the expense of another very wealthy couples. But they choose not to do this most trivial way.

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