The winning film of this year's Young Camera is Jak se krysa napapala

The winning film of this year's Young Camera is Jak se krysa napapala

The winning film of the summer is Young Camera's How to the rat caught it

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Uničov (Olomoucko) – The main prize of this year's showcase of young filmmakers from the Czech Republic and abroad called Mladá kamera in Uničov in Olomouc was won by Lucie Spurná's animated film Jak se krysa napapala. Vojtěch Janoušek, director of Mladá kamera, told ČTK today. The competition was held in Uničov from Thursday and presented the work of creators under 30 from the Czech Republic and abroad. It culminated tonight with the ceremonial announcement of the results of this year's 49th edition.

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Young filmmakers submitted 184 films to Mladá kamera this year, 49 of them made it to the main competition. Seven foreign films were also represented in the competition show. “Similar to previous years, the total length of the submitted films exceeded the festival's time limit this year, and therefore not all of them could be included in the competition itself. Even so, the total screening time reached almost eight hours, divided into five screening blocks,” said Janoušek.

In this year's Mladá kamera, the largest number of feature films were represented, with 22 competing. According to Janoušek, their thematic focus was very diverse. “These were absurd or grotesque stories as well as psychological dramas, elaborations of literary works or reflections on current socially important topics,” Janoušek pointed out. A separate category was designated for 11 animated films. Documentary, experimental and musical films represented the third competition category.

A number of authors, including foreign ones, personally participated in the competition in Uničov. “One of the reasons was the opportunity to get feedback on their films from the jury and the audience. After each screening block, an analytical discussion was included, in which the authors could discuss with the jurors their opinions and observations about the films shown. The audience also participated intensively in the discussions . It is this element that distinguishes Mladá Kamera from other film competitions,” said Janoušek.

The awarding of the best films was decided by an expert jury. This year, Veronika Hanáková, who currently creates film dramaturgy for Prague's Kampus Hybernská, Alexandra Plakhova and Dana Licehamrová sat in it. “The fourth judge was Martin Müller, director, documentarian and head of Audiovisual Production at Palacky University Olomouc. Martin Čihák, FAMU pedagogue, was not missing from the Young Camera jury this year either. During the festival, director and motion designer Lukáš was available as a consultant to visitors and competitors Squirrel,” added Janoušek.