The woman showed an effective way to rid the child of lice

The woman showed an effective way to rid the child of lice

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The woman showed an effective way to rid the child of lice

A lice control specialist from Australia has shown an effective way to rid a child of parasites. On published in her TikTok-account video was noticed in The sun…

In the footage posted online, blogger Sherrii showed her daughter infected with head lice and a large number of lice eggs on the roots of her hair. In addition, it can be seen that the girl’s scalp, neck and ears are covered with inflammation and ulcers. According to the Australian, the redness was caused by a lice lotion.

The woman explained that it is not necessary to resort to the use of special shampoos and anti-parasites without the supervision of a specialist, as they can cause an allergic reaction. “The most effective way is to comb out the lice with a special fine-toothed comb,” explained Sherri.

So, a woman showed that after a while after giving up the lotion against lice, her daughter’s scalp recovered, and combing helped completely get rid of the pests. The video went viral and scored 186.4 thousand views. Netizens thanked Sherri for posting.

“Thank you for sharing this. Many people think this is shameful, but problems with lice are very common, especially in children “,” I literally had lice recently, and it was terrible “,” Thank you for warning! “,” This is what happens when you share your comb and towel ”, – wrote the users.

In August, the work of a lice control specialist was caught on video and sickened viewers. Australian blogger Rach showed subscribers the process of removing lice, which, according to her, had captured the head of a 13-year-old girl. In the following shots, insects can be seen crawling along the child’s neck and clothes, as well as falling to the floor and into the Australian woman’s shoes.