The young man will be charged before the High Court for preparing bomb attacks

The young man will be charged before the High Court for preparing bomb attacks

A young man will be charged before the Supreme Court for preparing bombs ;toků

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Olomouc – A young man will appear before the Olomouc High Court today, who was given a suspended sentence by the Brno Regional Court for preparing bomb attacks at three embassies in Prague. He was convicted of preparing a terrorist attack, the court placed him under the supervision of a probation officer and imposed institutional treatment. The young man was 17 years old at the time of the crime. He learned that he was preparing the plan, but denied that he wanted to implement it. He is said to have been inspired abroad.

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The court sentenced him to 30 months in prison suspended for three years. Due to his young age, he faced a maximum of five years in prison. The defense was satisfied with the imposition of a suspended sentence, but did not agree to a protective measure, according to them, the mental disorder is not related to the committed criminal activity.

According to the verdict, the young man had drawn up a detailed plan for bomb attacks in 2021, and had already begun to obtain material for production bombs and to assemble the detonator. He wanted to implement the plan in 2025, on the anniversary of the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, USA, committed by Timothy McVeigh. Almost 170 people died in it. According to the indictment, he wanted to detonate cars with explosives at the embassies of the USA, Israel and China.

The young man was in custody for almost a year during the investigation, and was released from it after the verdict of the Brno Regional Court last November. The proceedings in court were closed to the public due to the fact that he was tried as a juvenile. But the court announced the verdict publicly.