The Zlín Film Festival also has a program for visually impaired children

The Zlín Film Festival also has a program for visually impaired children


International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín, picture from September 4, 2020.

Zlín – The Zlín Film Festival for Children and Youth will this year also focus on a program for visually impaired children. It will offer the Joy of Creating project, Café Dark, and film screenings with audio commentary, Zlín Film Festival spokeswoman Kateřina Martykánová told ČTK today. This year, the festival will be held for the 63rd year, from June 1 to 7.

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The joy of creating project is focused on the creative work of visually impaired children. The theme of this year's 25th edition was People and Time. “The ceremonial announcement of the results will take place on Saturday, June 3, as part of the accompanying program of the Zlín Film Festival. Children with visual disabilities will also visit some film performances,” said the spokeswoman. The joy of creating is a joint project of the Zlín Film Festival and the Special Pedagogical Center at the Children's Home, Kindergarten, Primary School and Practical School Zlín. This year, the expert jury assessed 98 works by children from two years of age, primary and secondary school students. Children's works of art will be exhibited for the duration of the festival in the foyer of the Zlín Congress Center, where the festival is also held.

For the first time, the Czech Radio Světluška Foundation also joined the project, which prepared a reward for one of the winners. “We have connected the Joy of Creating project with the long-standing tradition of the Publishing House of the Czech Radio, which prepares sheet music in Braille for students of the Vocational School of Education and young musicians with visual impairments. This year's edition of the sheet music will be decorated with a title page from a selected art work,” said the director of the foundation fund, Gabriela Drastichová . Světluška will also bring Dark Café to Zlín.

“However, the Joy of Creating and Dark Café projects will not be the only events through which we want to bring the world of the blind closer to the sighted. We would also like to enable them to share common film experiences,” said the festival's executive director, Jarmila Záhorová. The festival, together with Czech Radio Zlín, will offer the visually impaired the opportunity to participate in several screenings with audio commentary. “This way, children will have the opportunity to visit the fairy tale and the films Krakonoš's Secret during the festival , The Secret of Mr. M and Children of Nagano,” the spokeswoman said.