There are islamophobic acts… but not the culture of islam, says François Legault

Il y a des actes islamophobes... mais pas de culture islamophobe, précise François Legault

Photo: Adrian Wyld Archives The canadian Press
Thursday, François Legault had justified his refusal to make the January 29, a day against islamophobia by arguing that”there is no islamophobia in Quebec.”

Acts islamophobic or racist occur in Quebec, conceded the prime minister Legault Friday, but this is not a systemic problem. His remarks were intended to specify an output made on Thursday and which has been seen as an “insult to the intelligence” by the president of the islamic cultural Centre of Québec.

“Mr. Legault wanted to say that there is no current islamophobia in Quebec, said Friday his office about a comment made the previous day by the prime minister. There is islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, hatred, but not of current islamophobic. Quebec is not anti-muslim or racist. “

“Quebecers are open and tolerant and will continue to be,” says one.

On Thursday, Mr. Legault had justified its refusal to act of 29 January (the anniversary of the slaughter of the mosque of Quebec, a day against islamophobia by arguing that” there is no islamophobia in Quebec.”

This statement deeply shocked Boufeldja Benabdallah, president of the islamic cultural Centre of Québec. In a letter sent to the media on Friday morning, Mr. Benabdallah writing that it is an ” insult to our intelligence, we who fight tirelessly to abolish the attitude of some against muslim citizens in order that our company is the best and most fair “.

“With all due respect that I have for you, says Mr. Benabdallah for the prime minister, I would tell you that you have not measured the gravity of this sentence to 48 hours after the second edition of the commemoration of the slaughter of the Great Mosque. “

He feared that the sentence Thursday ” will brings back to life the parallel is that the islamophobic love, to know that we treat all Quebecers islamophobic “. “Never, never “, the muslim community has said and will say, reiterates there.

By compiling a long list of islamophobic acts recorded in Quebec city (pamphlets, ” insulting “, and swastikas on the walls of the mosque, pig head trench, etc.. ), Boufeldja Benabdallah request to the prime minister, if we ” must deny all this is to say that there is no islamophobia in Quebec.”

Others had already responded. The liberal mna Gaétan Barrette argued, inter alia, that ” islamophobia exists like everywhere else. I’m not saying that it is systemic, I do not say that society is anti-islam. I say that there are people, undoubtedly, who are. To make a statement as emphatic as that of François Legault, it appears to me to be a fairly short view of mind, ” he said.

The national Council of canadian muslims (CNMC) has also denounced the comments, as it deems offensive and inaccurate.

Other details will follow.


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