There are more and more virtual assemblies and an Argentine multiplatform facilitates their realization

There are more and more virtual assemblies and an Argentine multiplatform facilitates their realization

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There are more and more virtual assemblies and an Argentine multiplatform facilitates their realization

Long ago it was difficult to imagine holding an assembly without being present. The pandemic, it is clear, generated a new reality, different habits and accelerated digital transformation in all our activities.

For the different commercial companies and consortia it was impossible to hold the assemblies in person. First by the ASPO and later, by the DISPO decreed by the National Government. And although the IGJ (General Inspection of Justice) issued Resolution 11/20 in March 2020 allowing Virtual Assemblies, the figure was not provided for in the statute.

The assemblies, in short, are the governing body of the entities and without their completion it is impossible to renew authorities, approve the report and the balance sheet, which generates significant disruptions in the operation of companies. In that context was born Assemble, founded with their own capital by Leandro Bogetti, Maximiliano Cruz, Federico Postiglione and Juan Pedro Prates.

Multi platform. This is how this Argentine star-up is designed for different types of assemblies.

Assemble is an Argentine start-up that began operating in September of last year and that, currently, exports services to Panama and Costa Rica and it is closing agreements with five other countries in the region.

In less than a year they carried out more than 250 assemblies in Argentina alone, including important football clubs (Estudiantes de La Plata, Banfield y Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata), civil associations, professional colleges and funds, business chambers, cooperatives, mutuals, unions and a large number of consortiums (among them, recognized private neighborhoods such as Ayres de Pilar).

And what would be the difference with Zoom, the most used platform for virtual meetings? Bogetti, vice president of the company, explained it to Clarion: “It is like using an Excel to keep the accounting and management of a company. It can be done, but it is not a specific tool. Assemble is a platform designed and developed for virtual assemblies. It supports more than 40,000 participants, has identity validation, allows orderly monitoring of items on the agenda, assigning different profiles and attributes to participants. Also, administration of powers, voting configuration and, at the end of the assembly, it delivers an editable automatic minutes, an audit report with all the events, the list of participants and the backup video. On the other hand, it supports digital signature and electronic signature, as well as incorporating the highest privacy and security standards, including blockchain for reports ”.

The pandemic, of course, will not be eternal. What will happen to the future of the business when face-to-face assemblies are allowed? In that sense, Prates assures that “the trend is towards mixed assemblies.” And he emphasizes: “Probably, pure virtuality is not an option if there are no restrictions, but the new modality is here to stay. Customers who have used the tool gave us very good returns in relation to the virtual mode. On the one hand, because it orders and streamlines the entire process, but on the other because it considerably increases the participation of the partners. Some clients have quintupled the level of participation compared to a face-to-face assembly ”.

Bogetti adds that “the mixed system is widely used in Costa Rica, and that is why we adapted an interface especially for this type of assemblies. In Argentina, the only one with this modality so far was that of Estudiantes de La Plata, with 400 partners in person and more than 700 connected remotely”.