There is a deficit of 200 million pesos for covid care

There is a deficit of 200 million pesos for covid care

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There is a deficit of 200 million pesos for covid care

Eduardo Mendieta

Monterrey / 14.09.2021 03:22:30

After reporting a deficit of 200 million pesos for care covid-19 This year, the state health services revealed that the expense for the care of a patient with this disease amounted up to 1.5 million pesos during the third wave of infections.

During the transition period between the incoming and outgoing government health teams, Noé Emanuel del Real García, Director of Financial Resources, revealed that the care of covid patients by the Health services they were paid for by the state.

He said that there are patients whose treatment cost up to 800 thousand pesos in the second wave of covid-19, while in the third curve a cost of up to 1.5 million pesos was reached due to the use of more oxygen and other supplies.

“There is a probable deficit of 200 million pesos in which it could occur or could vary, it depends on the demand. It was August 31, the analysis that they had made me, however, we already saw that the curve is growing and that could fluctuate a little in the needs, but we believe that there will be a need to be able to finish the year, “he said.

It also reported on an under-exercise of resources that were returned for 100 million pesos in a matter of the pandemic, since when trying to acquire supplies they did not find the price that the federal government established, and to avoid observations of the Superior Audit of the Federation, the return was made. In addition, it revealed the existence of a reserve for contingencies for an amount of 155 million pesos.

“There is a bank account for 155 million pesos for economic reserve, for example, when the Insabi did not issue the ministrations to us on time. Then there was this source of financing, ”he said.

From Real García indicated that there is a debt to suppliers for an amount of 416 million pesos, however, all are guaranteed in their payment, so no one is going to claim.

Manuel de la O Cavazos, Secretary of State Health, indicated that 321 million pesos were invested for the Montemorelos and Sabinas Hidalgo hospitals, and the readjustment of the Metropolitano and Galeana hospitals.

For the incoming team came Alma Rosa Marroquín, Director of Hospitals of Tec Salud, who will be the next head of Health of the government of Samuel Garcia Sepúlveda. At the end, he pointed out that the team headed by Jaime Rodríguez will soon deliver information on the amount invested in caring for covid patients.