There will be a hundred car veterans in Přerov, they will open the season with a drive to Helfštýn

There will be a hundred car veterans in Přerov, they will open the season with a drive to Helfštýn

A hundred automotive veterans will be in Přerov, they will open the season by driving to Helfš týn

Illustrative photo – On April 24, 2022, more than a hundred owners of vintage cars and motorcycles came to Přerov. They opened their season this year with a joint sleepy ride to Helfštýn Castle.

Přerov – About 120 historic cars and motorcycles from all over Moravia, but also from other parts of the country, will head to the center of Přerov on Sunday. They intend to open the season with a traditional sleepy ride to Helfštýn Castle. This year the event is called From the castle to the castle, people will be able to admire the shiny machines before the start in the area in front of the Přerov castle. Cars and motorcycles manufactured before 1965 are taking part in the show, event organizer Jiří Zemánek from Oldtimer Club Helfštýn told ČTK today.

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This is the second year that the event has been held in this form. The club originally organized it on the exhibition grounds and then in the premises near the Přerov mountings. “Last year we already decided to hold the event on Horní náměstí, this year we called it From the castle to the castle. I think that we will continue like this, Horní náměstí in Přerov is interesting and representative. We then go to Helfštýn Castle every year on a different route ,” stated Zemánek.

Vehicles will be brought to Přerov on Horní náměstí from 09:00, and will be on display until 11:00, when their owners will get behind the wheel and set off in a convoy on a sleepy ride through the villages of Přerovsk and Olomouc. “The first stage will lead in the direction of Prosenice, Buk and Lazníky to Tršice and Velké Újezd, where there will be an exhibition of historic vehicles in the square,” described the organizer. At 1:15 p.m., the veterans will set off in the direction of Kozlov, Slavkov, Loučka, Bohuslávky and through Dolní Újezd ​​in the direction of Veselíčko, Lipník nad Bečvou and Helfštýn Castle, where the first vehicle should arrive around 2:00 p.m.

Due to the great interest of the owners of historic vehicles and motorcycles, the organizers limited their production to 1965. “I estimate that around 120 machines should arrive, half of them will be motorcycles and half of them will be cars. I hope that the larger half will be from the pre-war period. The icing on the cake among the cars should definitely be a Bentley Sport from 1936, it is a beautiful car from a special body.There will be classics such as Tatra, Praga or Aero, from motorcycles it should be an Excelsior motorcycle from 1922 and the oldest machine should be a Douglas 350 from 1914,” added the organizer of the event.

Owners of historic motorcycles and vehicles in the region end the season every year in the fall, even then the destination is Helfštýn Castle, to which they set off from Lipník nad Bečvou. Last September, their route led through Potštát to Fulnek and then through Suchdol nad Odrou and Bělotín. The event has been organized by Oldtimer club Helfštýn since 2000, when it was founded. In the first years, 20 to 30 vehicles drove along the route, now the convoy has grown to 120 machines.