They aggravate the sentence against the militant journalist K Ezequiel Guazzora for gender violence

They aggravate the sentence against the militant journalist K Ezequiel Guazzora for gender violence

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They aggravate the sentence against the militant journalist K Ezequiel Guazzora for gender violence

The Criminal Cassation Chamber reversed a ruling against the militant journalist Ezequiel Guazzora, for gender violence against his ex-partner, Kirchnerist deputy Stella Maris Córdoba, who is now an official of the Tucuman government. And he ordered that a new sentence be issued “urgently” to aggravate the three years in prison on hold. that the Federal Oral Court No. 3 (TOF3) had imposed on him last March.

When the news broke on Tuesday, Guazzora responded by retweeting a message from criminal lawyer Adrián Albor, who maintained that “Lawfare must be put to a stop, President. Pardon for Ezekiel. #Enough of Lawfare “.

“The Lawfare judges: Catucci, Gemignani and Riggi have claimed a new victim. It seems that with a cell phone and a microphone you did a lot of damage to the oligarchy that digs everything in the shadows. I hope Alberto Fernández changes his position regarding the pardon, “said Albor, In his message that the journalist K. spread, he added: “In a scandalous ruling, Cassation effectively sentences Ezequiel Guazzora to prison.”

Judges Liliana Catucci, Juan Carlos Gemignani and Eduardo Riggi argued in the new ruling that the previous conviction “ruled out the aggravated figure” of the crime, “whose application was indisputable and imposed a derisory sanction of conditional compliance how far it is consistent with the seriousness of the case ”.

The gender violence carried out by Guazzora on four occasions had the purpose of “Obtain any measure or concession from a member of the public powers”, according to the ruling of the Chamber of Cassation, which was published by the Noticias Argentinas agency.

The fact is that the militant journalist threatened the former deputy from Tucumán “with telling everything that happened to the Clarín Group, even going so far as to send, with unusual spite, emails to officials of the highest rank to harm the political career of his ex-partner “, affirmed the judges of Cassation.

The ruling stated that Guazzora achieved its objective, “since the person named was never again included in a list of candidates.” He added: “The facts are proven. It was not an angry reaction but a deliberate reaction, repeated four times, mediating gender violence “.

At the trial it was learned that Guazzora had met the former deputy when he was a waiter in a restaurant, that they began to go out and the link was extended to the workplace. Thus it was that the journalist today agreed to positions in the Ministry of Justice, the General Auditor of the Nation and the Council of the Magistracy, where he advised the deputy.

The former Kirchner deputy denounced him before the Justice, after the emotional relationship ended and soon after she threw him out as her advisor in the Council of the Magistracy. According to the complaint filed by the former deputy from Tucumán and current auditor of the Provincial Institute of Housing and Urban Development of the province of Tucumán, Guazzora threatened to tell her what she knew in the media, to affect his political career and she would have told her that she had a weapon and that she would not be afraid to use it against her.

The complaint of the former Kirchner deputy became notorious in the framework of an investigation against her, for alleged withholding of parts of the salary of his advisers which ended up in the courts of Comodoro Py.

For that cause regarding the withholding of employee salaries, the late Judge Claudio Bonadio raided Guazzora’s house. There he found an envelope with an “urgent” stamp and the return address of Héctor Farías Brito, former private secretary of then-president Cristina Kirchner, in which It was suggested to benefit a candidate for judge, for a shortlist to be defined in the Council of the Magistracy, that was part of Córdoba.

In the trial for gender violence against Guazzora, the TOF3 had sentenced him to three years in suspended prison, for finding him guilty of four acts of aggression and intimidation. The militant journalist was forced to “refrain from maintaining all kinds of contact with Stella Maris Córdoba” and to “take a course on gender perspective”, as conditions for not carrying out the sentence and going to jail.

But the Cassation ruling revokes that sentence and aggravates it, putting him almost on the brink of jail, in a new ruling to be issued by the TOF3.

The escrachador of journalists

Guazzora became famous as an escrachador of journalists critical of the official administration, with acts of physical harassment against Luis Majul, Alfredo Leuco, Eduardo Feinmann and Baby Etchecopar, among others. In turn, every time Guazzora went to cover protests against the government, there were violent groups that wanted to beat him and he had to be escorted by police officers so that they would not hurt him.

It is that he went several times to harass Majul, Leuco, Feinmann and Etchecopar, rebuking them on the street and accusing them of having supported the government of Mauricio Macri. Those escraches were broadcast on the Popular Communication portal, which belongs to him, and they were also featured on other ultrakirchnerist portals, which celebrated each of the escraches of this militant journalist.

The journalist ultra K has three complaints from Etchecopar and one from Majul, who got them to put a perimeter to avoid their approach, because he went to harass him six times when he was leaving work on his radio show.

On one of those occasions, in June of last year, Guazzora went to harass Etchecopar at the door of Radio Rivadavia, when he was leaving work on his program. As soon as he left the station, the ultra K journalist rushed him, without respecting social distancing and began to rebuke him, for a comment he had made against Cristina Kirchner, expecting a violent reaction from Etchecopar.

“You are bad people, Baby. Why are you such a poor guy to talk about cancer like that, Baby? You’re a poor guy, a poor guy! “ Guazzora rebuked him on that occasion, while he followed him and shouted that same phrase, until Etchecopar got into his car and left, without answering him.

In addition, he was also denounced for instigating to break the bags of agricultural producers. In one of his videos Guazzora called to break silobagas and burn the production of “these agrogarcas. How nice it would be for someone to go with a razor and open them, so they don’t speculate anymore, “he asked in March of last year, when there was an agricultural strike.

One of his last jobs was awarded to him by Gustavo Menéndez, mayor of Merlo and then president of the Buenos Aires PJ. He hired him in full quarantine last year to give a neighborhood journalism workshop “, sponsored by the municipality. He also stated that he was not concerned about the acts of harassment that Guazzora did against Luis Majul, Alfredo Leuco, Eduardo Feinmann and Baby Etchecopar.

By then the head of the Buenos Aires PJ assured: “I hire Ezequiel Guazzora to do a job, he does it, trains kids and has a vocation to do it. Later in his journalistic career, if he exceeds himself, makes mistakes, you will be there to judge him and there will be justice. But the work that Ezequiel does here in Merlo, regarding the work of training children in the neighborhoods so that they are encouraged to consult their neighbors, make reports, that is working well, ”said Menéndez, in statements to Radio CNN.

Then Guazzora was convicted of gender violence. AND Now I could go to jail if the TOF3 complies with the new ruling of the Criminal Cassation Chamber.

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They aggravate the sentence against the militant journalist K Ezequiel Guazzora for gender violence