They ask NL authorities to publicize a back-to-school plan

They ask NL authorities to publicize a back-to-school plan

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They ask NL authorities to publicize a back-to-school plan

Representatives of various associations that make up the Niñez Esencial collective called on state authorities to present a plan back to face-to-face classes, since they consider that education has not been a priority issue for the government and is affecting minors.

“Today with the school year that has already concluded, we do not know of a plan or critical path that gives us certainty about a safe return to face-to-face classes when conditions permit, we also know that many schools have been abandoned to their luck, “said Iván Rivas, director of Coparmex

For her part, Dulce Rodríguez, from the Niñez Esencial collective, considered that distance education cannot and should not replace face-to-face classes, for which he considered that there is an educational catastrophe.

“We are gathered here the representatives of various organizations, concerned about the rights of children and adolescents in Nuevo León: Coparmex, ANEI, Abre mi Escuela and Niñez Esencial, a group of more than 70 schools, organizations and foundations, as well as thousands of citizens who have signed our petition so far, to express our concern about the inaction of the state government in the face of what today can be described as an educational catastrophe.

“The girls and boys of Nuevo León finished another school year at a distance and the negative effects are evident: school dropout, educational backwardness and socio-emotional damage.”

Other members of the group pointed out that since February they have approached the education authorities in order for everyone to make the best decisions for the children of Nuevo León and advance face-to-face education, as is done in other states.

Not finding clear answers, seven specific petitions were launched for the state government, this in the voice of July Mendoza, president of the Parents Association.

“We are here to ask the Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, the Secretary of Education, (María de los Ángeles) Errisúriz, and the Secretary (of Health), Manuel de la O, to give this issue the priority it deserves, that they listen to the needs of children and their families, teachers, civil society, chambers and councils “.

Among the proposals is to raise a critical path for back to school in state schools, as well as having detailed plans for each situation, contemplating best and worst scenarios, and rehabilitating and maintaining public schools, attending to all material needs.

The fourth point It is the request for protocols of socio-emotional attention of teachers and students, provide dropout data and implement a strategy to find each student who is behind in school.

The last two points refer to conducting pilots in private and public schools since August on a voluntary basis that allow testing of health protocols and that random tests are contemplated in the entire school system, with contact tracing that allows isolating suspected cases of covid-19.

Also during the press conference of Niñez Esencial, society in general was invited to use the hashtag #alasaulas, so that education is a priority in Nuevo León.

They added that the school lag that has been registered in Nuevo León brings serious effects on the development of minors while other states of the country advance on this issue.

For her part, Sandrine Molinard, from the Civic Council, also called on the governor and the secretaries of Education and Health, so that attend to the impact caused by the lack of face-to-face classes in the entity.

“The decisions you are making define their present and their future as well.

“We have to act now for the good of the boys and girls of Nuevo León, so that they have access to the best education and a better future.”

He reiterated that it is best to prepare from now on for the successful return of children to educational establishments, as it is important that minors have access to quality education.