They camp in Plaza de Mayo for the liberation of Milagro Sala and criticize Alberto Fernández harshly

They camp in Plaza de Mayo for the liberation of Milagro Sala and criticize Alberto Fernández harshly

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They camp in Plaza de Mayo for the liberation of Milagro Sala and criticize Alberto Fernández harshly

TO 2,000 days after the arrest of Milagro Sala, social, political and union organizations carry out a camp from Tuesday to Friday in Plaza de Mayo, where they demand the release of the leader of the Tupac Amaru. In the protest, a kind of fair was installed, with around 250 tents, and with multiple activities that will run until July 9.

Milagro Sala is detained since January 2016, but since 2018 he has been under house arrest in Jujuy. The leader of the Tupac Amaru is convicted in two different causes: in the first place, for an escrache that he carried out in the northern province against the current governor Gerardo Morales, and also for the file called “Pibes Villeros.”

For that last cause he is serving 13 years in prison, convicted of being considered the head of an illicit association and co-author of the crimes of extortion and defrauding the State, a decision that the Supreme Court ratified this year. President Alberto Fernández had avoided interceding before the Justice at that time in pursuit of his release, although he had said that “there is a case of lawfare par excellence and it is that of Milagro Sala.”

In January, five years after Sala’s arrest, thousands of people approached the Talcahuano courts to throw hundreds of garbage bags in front of what they considered the “dump of democracy,” in reference to the Supreme Court. of Justice, which had not yet defined the situation of the Chamber in “Pibes Villeros”.

A portrait of Milagro Sala, in the camp that was installed in Plaza de Mayo. Photo: AFP / Juan Mabromata.

Internal crack due to its judicial situation

The detention of the Chamber generates internal differences between different sectors of the Government. The organizers they maintain that she is being held “by order of Gerardo Morales”, but They say that of the 2,000 days that he has been imprisoned, more than 550 were “with Peronism ruling”.

Y they target the President saying that, although “he did not forget Milagro Sala, he does not know how to solve the problem.” Along these lines, the national coordinator of Tupac Amaru, Alejandro “Coco” Garfagnini, told Radio 10 yesterday that “we have come to give you the answer: exercising the power that 48% of our people gave you and returning to generate a synapse between the militancy that resisted the four years of macrismo with the policies of the State “.

Garfagnini maintained that “the one who has to make the political decision to concretely exercise mechanisms to free Milagro is our comrade PresidentAnd he asked him to “get out of neutrality and take a position on the facts, not just on the diagnosis on which we agree.”

Own Milagro Sala was the one who, detained from Jujuy, spoke publicly and said that “Alberto Fernández goes too ‘good-looking’”. According to Garfagnini, the main reference of the Tupac at the Buenos Aires level, within the ranks of the Government there are many officials who support Sala’s claim, such as Ministers Agustín Rossi (Defense), Martín Soria (Justice), Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta (Women) and the secretary Horacio Pietragalla (Human Rights), among others.

Who also spoke out was Eugenio Zaffaroni, former judge of the Supreme Court, who said he “felt angry” about the situation in Sala. And he considered: “The rules of the game of the rule of law of democracy are being played directly, it does not matter if they coincide or not with Milagro Sala.”

They camp in Plaza de Mayo for the liberation of Milagro Sala and criticize Alberto Fernández harshly

An image of the camping in Plaza de Mayo. Photo: AFP / Juan Mabromata.

What will the camp be like

The camp until Friday the 9th crosses more than half of the Plaza de Mayo and has some 250 tents, in which different slogans in favor of the liberation of the social leader. In some, artistic portraits of Sala are exhibited and in others different foods are cooked and sold. Among the organizations that support the claim stand out the Espacio Puebla, Movemos Todos, Fecoopba, Carreros Unidos and Aníbal Verón.

During the first day, a central gazebo, called “Milagro Sala”, in which panel discussions of the militancy that will attend will be held.

The Tuesday the camp was set up and a radio program called “Voices free from the camp”. During this Wednesday the “dignity day” will be carried out, with a first panel, starting at 12, which will be called “political and institutional violence.”

At 2 pm the photographic exhibition “to build a Miracle” will open and at 4 pm there will be another panel, “sovereignty as a horizon for work and production”, which will have as keynote speaker Abel Fatala, the former Undersecretary of Public Works during the passing of Julio De Vido by the Ministry of Planning.

The Thursday there will be new conferences in support of Sala and on Friday the interfaith mass and the “march and proclamation of the camp for the definitive independence”, in charge of the Priests for the Option of the Poor “.