They capture ‘El Mou’, alleged murderer of Abel Murrieta: Adrián LeBarón

They capture ‘El Mou’, alleged murderer of Abel Murrieta: Adrián LeBarón

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They capture ‘El Mou’, alleged murderer of Abel Murrieta: Adrián LeBarón


Mexico City / 10.08.2021 13:21:31

Omar Alejandro Sayula Torres, The Mou, was arrested in Sonora as the alleged murderer of Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez, candidate of the Citizen Movement for the municipal presidency of Cajeme and former Attorney General of Sonora, assassinated while campaigning last May.

In January 2020, the FGR announced that Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez, as well as Antonio Martínez Luna, a former Baja California attorney general, would be the attorneys for the victims of the LeBarón brothers.

The Sonora Attorney General’s Office reported that The Mou, detained in possession of narcotics and a pistol, is investigated for his alleged participation in other high-impact crimes registered in Ciudad Obregón.

The activist Adrián LeBarón disclosed that the authorities sThey point to Omar Alejandro Sayula Torres, head of hitmen and right-hand man of Carlos Salmerón Pérez, according to the Attorney General of the State of Sonora. While, the prosecution continues to request help to arrest the person (s) guilty of the crime.

According to Adrián LeBarón “this is where the entanglements of justice begin, where citizens doubt their progress, where people do not feel safe and remain at the mercy of criminal groups, more organized than the authorities.”

“I would like to be at the hearing where the criminal for the homicide is linked to the trial, in addition to being my lawyer, he was a person who earned all my trusts, who opened the doors of his life, and for that reason, I will never leave to ask for justice for himself and his family.Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez) eIt was my lawyer and today, a victim that we will not allow to be kept in the drawers of impunity, “he said.

Who was Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez?

Francisco Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez was born on May 1, 1963 and died on May 13, 2021 during an armed attack in a proselytizing act in the municipality of Cajeme, Sonora.

He was a lawyer and politician representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He served as a deputy of the LXIII Legislature of Congress representing Sonora from 2015 to 2018.

He was previously a member of the Sonora Congress and Attorney General of the same state. Murrieta Gutiérrez studied law at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, graduating in 1984.

He provided legal advice as an independent corporate lawyer to various companies in Ciudad Obregón from 1986 to 1991.