Thieves steal $ 500,000 from a drug dealer using an Apple Watch

Thieves steal $ 500,000 from a drug dealer using an Apple Watch

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Thieves steal $ 500,000 from a drug dealer using an Apple Watch

Of all the utilities that Apple Watch has, no one thought that the smartwatch would be used to track and rob a drug dealer. Undoubtedly, the Apple Watch is a brilliant location device, which if it falls into the wrong hands it can be used to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This was the case of thieves in the city of Hartford, United States, where a gang of thieves used Apple’s smart device to track and rob a alleged drug dealer about $ 500,000. Contrary to what many think, the theft did not happen through a smartwatch hack – it was much simpler.

The gang’s leader in his 30s, Darren Lindsay, registered an Apple Watch on his mobile operator plan, and later the rest of the gang attached the Apple Watch to the dealer’s bumper, thus tracking his every move.

The next day the gang put the trafficker inside a truck and after a beating they managed to get him to give them the access card to the hotel where he had all the money. Once in the room, they found about $ 500,000 The victim was saved and left lying near the city of New Britain, where he was later diagnosed by a hospital with a concussion and had to receive five stitches to the scalp.

A jury indicted the thieves and the mandatory minimum sentence equates to 24 years in prison. United States Department of Justice

The clues that were leaving

However, the clumsiness of the thieves, clearly beginners, quickly gave them away, leaving evidence everywhere. The leader, for example, rose a huge amount of cash in your account iCloud, while another of them took a similar photo showing his face.

One of the gang members even made the mistake of saving in iCloud a photo of the victim’s driver’s license, which was also geotagged in a place in Connecticut during the robbery, state of the city of Hartford.

The evidence they left along the way is innumerable: toll records, text messages discussing the watch’s access code, news updates to watch. if they talked about the theft and even analysis of the things that could be better in the face of future thefts. “Next time I’m going to make sure it goes well the first time to avoid any problems,” said the leader.

Now, a jury has indicted them on several counts including: conspiracy to commit theft, robbery and firearms offenses, which amount to a mandatory minimum sentence of 24 years in jail.

Thieves steal $ 500,000 from a drug dealer using an Apple Watch

The case attracted attention due to the particular prominence of the Apple Watch. United States Department of Justice

A smaller chip for the next Apple Watch

The next generation of Apple Watch smartwatches that Apple is currently working on will make use of a smaller S7 processor which will also adopt a technology to work double-sided.

Using a smaller S7 chip in the device that will succeed the current Apple Watch 6 will allow you to have more internal space for components like the battery, as originally disclosed by DigiTimes and as collected by MacRumors.

The development of a smaller processor is possible through the use of the technology of ‘system in package’ (SiP) or double-sided system in package, created by the Taiwanese company ASE Technology.

On its website, the Asian company confirms that its system-in-package technology features double-sided molding, leading to the “Miniaturization and Integration of Semiconductors”.

Source: La Vanguardia