Thinner Adele didn’t recognize at the afterparty of “Oscar” 2020

The presenter spoke with the singer and didn’t know who it was until Adele did not introduce himself.

Похудевшую Адель не узнали на afterparty «Оскара» 2020

Lately Adele has changed outwardly: the singer dropped 45 pounds and from lush cutie turned into a slim beauty. However, the public is still not accustomed to a new kind of Adele, so sometimes thinner star just won’t know.

Recently, a Polish TV presenter Kinga Rusin said, some confusion happened in one of the private parties of the “Oscar”. She spoke with Adele, but didn’t know it was her until the singer introduced herself.

Honestly, I didn’t recognize her because she lost a lot of weight. Yeah, we talked, laughed, and then she called my name

— said Rusin. She posted a selfie with Adele: it’s the singer posing in a leopard tight dress, heavy makeup and large earrings, rings in his ears.

It is known that Adele decided to seriously start losing weight after divorced with her husband, Simon Konecki. According to insiders, the reason for this was poor health stars. Adele sat on a diet and started training with elements of Pilates under the guidance of the famous coach. In a conversation with a fan that Adele met on vacation, she admitted that “incredibly happy” with the results.

Похудевшую Адель не узнали на afterparty «Оскара» 2020

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